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Analysis of high value Google Keywords

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There are two thoughts of high value Google keywords. One of the thoughts is a word or group of words that many and many clicks occur on the keywords. In other words, many visitors strike with the keyword on the Google Search Engine Box. Such keyword can be high value Google keywords. Another thought is that Google Adsense pays much money to the website / blog owner through the page of high value keywords whether the visitors / clicks are many or few.

You can find High Value Google Keywords from Google. But, you need to pay for it. How many clicks happened in the last month in the Google Search Engine is very interesting for professional, amateur website blogger as well as website owner. Google gives actual statistics of different number of clicks for different keywords and related keywords in different countries in a month or year. But; for it, we need to pay. Then we can find it. Once you get statistics of related keywords for making your website or blog, the keyword of the content is not enough for writing your article. We must analyze the statistics although the statistics are correct.

Suppose, you knew that people in the USA type the high value Google keyword 'growing tomatoes' 18,000 times in a month into Google Search engine and search the article for it. Similarly, 8000 times are writing and entering Google key words "Grow tomatoes' in a month inside the USA only.

What are the objectives of typing the keyword into the Google Search Engine box is very important to understand. Principally I classify the persons into two groups. Group 1 includes the visitors or clicks for finding useful information about 'growing tomatoes.'

Group 1 also includes the clicks who have turned the page after they find in the listing of the Google Search Engine, but they did not read the page that time. Group 1 also includes the clicks for exploring pages for writing comments with back up linkage.

And another group which I prefer to say Group 2: The Group 2 includes people or clicks who type 'growing tomato' into Google Search Engine Box just for knowing whether their related webpage moved upward or downwards in the Google Search Engine Listing.

The group 2 of the people or clicks who just want to know the appearance of their webpage generally do not open the webpage after finding the list of the website. Group 2 also includes the clicks for just knowing how many websites are in the Google listing with the keyword. Professional as well as amateur website / blog making experts should be aware of the fact.

Let us take another example. In the USA, there were 120,000 typing and pressing "Enter" of the keyword "Vegetable Garden" into the Google Search Engine Box in the last month. I  am sure that the statistics is the data of all the clickers of Group 1 and Group 2 both. I think more than 50% of the clickers were under the group 2 which also includes the clicks to know whether their webpage 'vegetable garden' moved upward in the listing of the Google Search Engine or not.

Some of the clickers / clicks were real information seekers who actually go into the related articles which is under the group 1. Some do not open the article at all. So Blog and Website making experts must carefully analyze the statistics of the typing of high value Google Keyword and their entering to find the listing. Generally all the people who need statistics of keyword from Google are interested to know the clicks of the group 1.

Still we can dissect the group 1 clicks. Some clickers really read whole page of the keyword(s) article. Some just examine whether there is space for back linking and comment making. Some write comment falsely. Some write comment very precisely without any back-linking. There are so many things.

Similarly, number of typing on the high value Google keyword "recipe"  and pressing 'Enter' key was about 1,000,000 in the last month  from the USA only. Recipe is certainly high frequency and high value Google keyword. We must carefully analyze the statistics of the frequency of the high value Google keyword: "Recipe" from the similar perspective what  I have already mentioned above at the page.

Similar is the average monthly count number of typing and hitting of the high value Google keywords such as "garden" and "vegetables" into the Google Search Engine Box in the country of the USA only. We should keep the facts in the mind while analyzing the number of hitting of the Google keywords before we start writing webpage of your choice.

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