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Anti Aging Skin Care Tips for looking Young Younger: How to have anti aging face skin: Anti aging skin care activities

This is the page of the "Anti Aging Skin Care Tips for looking Young Younger:  How to have anti aging face skin: Anti aging skin care activities".

Anti aging timetable: Anti aging routine for looking young

I don't make your timetable complicated. I just emphasize few things only. Just see the time of going to bed to sleep and getting up in the heading "Anti aging rest: Anti aging sleep for younger looking " on the page which makes anti aging timetable of ours. We must do our every activities anti aging for anti aging skin. For making our routine anti aging timetable we must do the following anti aging skin care tips for looking young younger:
Anti aging rest: Anti aging sleep for younger looking

Going to bed early and getting up early make our timetable as principal anti aging timetable. This is extraordinary anti aging activity in our life. At least seven hour sleep is the best. We can exceed the sleep duration up to eight hours for general people. But, infants to growing children need longer sleep. In my country: Nepal; anti aging sleep duration is between 9 PM and 4 AM. I firmly believe this timetable works best for adult men and women throughout the world. We can exceed the sleeping time up to 5 AM too. Getting up early and doing some Yoga including breathing exercise, taking some light snack with a cup of coffee or a cup of the green tea also makes the everyday routing anti aging timetable.Timely meal with anti aging food substances everyday makes our routine anti aging timetable.

Anti aging meal and anti aging diets for looking young

Some of the anti aging foods are brown rice, whole grain wheat bread, Chapati made from whole grain wheat flour. Include green vegetables into your meals since they are anti aging food substance for making our diets antiaging. Include some salad with one small piece of red beet. Avocado and fish cut piece mix included meals are better since they are anti aging. Include ground flax seed into your meals since it one of the best anti aging food substance in the earth.

Anti aging breakfast for looking younger

Include a cup of  cow's milk or yoghurt; fruits such as orange, black grapes or berries; dry fruits such as almonds, walnut, pecan nuts into your breakfast. Include some cereal based foods into the breakfast to dilute the concentrated unsaturated oils of the dry fruits. These are some of the best anti aging breakfast food substances. Taking a cup of organic filter coffee is also an important anti aging breakfast components. Instant coffee can also be taken if we cannot arrange organic filter fresh coffee. We can take two cups of green tea drink too instead of the organic filter coffee since the green tea drink is an extraordinarily anti aging rare food substance in the earth.
Anti aging fruits for looking young :

Berries such as acai berries, straw berries, rasp berries, blue berries and other berries, avocados, oranges, apples, mangoes are some of the antiaging fruits. We must take them. Black grapes and many other fruits are under the group.
Anti aging vegetables to look young:

Most of the green vegetables are anti aging vegetables. But; Broccoli and asparagus are some of the best anti aging vegetables. Spinach is also one of the best anti aging vegetables for our physiology and organs including face skin.
Anti aging shower: Anti aging bath

We can say shower or bath as anti aging shower and anti aging bath since it works extraordinarily for anti aging for looking younger. In summer, plain water shower is preferred and this sort of shower refreshes extraordinarily. But; in winter, warm water shower is preferred. This sort of shower makes the bathing comfortable. Morning shower is better than evening shower. But, in some countries, evening shower is practiced. Taking shower everyday is also important anti aging activity. So everyday shower is also called anti aging shower or anti aging bath.

Shower taken in the morning generally refreshes for whole day; but, the shower taken in the evening removes all the dirt you have taken outside and refreshes for evening activities and night sleep. Quality soap and quality shampoo should be used. Quality face wash should be used for washing face for anti aging skin care. Shower taken in the early morning is more anti aging than taking shower in the evening. Natural body steroid level is higher in the morning than in the evening, so taking shower with ordinary /plain water in the morning does not let cold enter our body and get attacked by the cold. So, shower taken in the morning is more healthier and anti aging bathing.
Anti aging drinks for face skin:

Drinks made from fresh organic filter coffee is better than instant coffee. But, the instant coffee also works well if we don’t have fresh organic coffee. Organic green tea is one of the best anti aging drinks in the world. A drink made from Japanese green tea powder ‘Matcha’ is the best anti aging drink in the world. Drinks made from cocao, soybean milk and some cardamom spices without sugar is one of the best anti aging drinks. Drinks made from acai berry is one of the best anti aging drinks in the world.

Anti aging physical exercise for skin:

Yoga is the best anti aging physical exercise. Plow posture, Sitting posture, Standing posture, Salute to sun are some of the best anti aging skin care Yoga physical exercises.
Anti aging breathing exercise

Continuous force exhale, slow inhale and exhale (Anulom Vilom |Nadisodhan) are two most important anti aging breathing exercise in the world up to now for anti aging skin care tips.
Anti aging walking tips:

Walking is also anti aging physical exercise. Morning walking is more effective anti aging physical exercise than evening walking. Getting early, doing some Yoga exercise with some face exercise and neck exercise and morning walking is very effective anti aging skin care tips.
Anti aging face skin Yoga: Anti aging face exercise to look young:

Open mouth, open mouth with wide opening of eyes, open mouth with outside tongue are some of the anti aging face exercises. Neck exercise is also anti aging neck skin caring tips. All mouth opening and neck exercise are anti aging Yoga exercises. These Yoga tips tones the face skin, face muscle, neck skin and neck muscle. Chewing food well is also one of the best anti aging face exercise for anti aging skin.

Anti aging food substance to look young:

Some catfish are very good anti aging food substance for our anti aging skin care tips. They are mostly salmon, fresh Tuna, trout, sardines, mackerel, herring. Garlic intake is also anti aging skin care tips for looking younger. Take a finger of the garlic and cut it into two pieces longitudinally and swallow the garlic pieces with water as we take the vitamin pills with water. We can take the garlic pieces before dinner or before going to the bed to sleep for the rest. This sort of intake of the garlic does not let come off flavor from our breath.
Anti aging dinner for looking younger

Include fish, colorful fruit pieces, vegetable or fruit salads into your dinner to make it anti aging dinner. We can take half cup of coffee after dinner to make our dinner anti aging dinner. Some red grape wine drink taking also make our dinner anti aging dinner.
Anti aging lunch for looking younger

We should include fish into our lunch to make it anti aging lunch. We should take a cup of coffee or two cups of green tea drink after lunch to make it anti aging lunch.
Anti aging cosmetic products for looking younger
Anti aging anti wrinkle cosmetic products

Some sun block cream with UV rays blocking properties from quality cosmetic industry and anti aging night face cream are some of the cosmetic products that should be used for anti aging face skin care tips. These anti aging cosmetic products are anti aging anti wrinkle cosmetic products. Never use lotion of lip into face skin.  The cream or lotion or paste made for lips cannot be used for face skin. But we can use skin care moisturizing cream to moisturize dry and chapped lips.

Day care sun rays and ultra violet rays (UV) block lotion or cream must be used to all the exposed region of the skin whether we go outside or stay inside, whether the day is sun shine or cloudy day.  We have to use the sun block UV protecting cream of quality cosmetic industry with the instructions written in the product or with advices of good beautician in one of the best beauty parlor in your city.

The sun block cream or lotion must be of non-water soluble for unless soap or face wash is used to clean it. Otherwise, sweat will carry away the sun block lotion or cream in the summer days. These quality cosmetics are also formulated to make them anti aging skin care for looking young or younger.

In essence; anti oxidants rich foods with colorful fruits, green vegetables, timely enough rest, timely intake of meals, suitable enough physical exercise, timely treatment of health related problems work for anti aging. These activities are anti aging activities. Every day shower, everyday and timely intake of the green tea, organic filter fresh coffee are also in the anti aging activities. There are many food substances which delays anti aging. Correct posture while sitting, standing and walking are very important formalities for anti aging. Breathing exercise is an extra ordinary anti aging activity.

By the way, what do we mean by anti aging? Anti aging is meant wrinkle free skin of our body including of face. Anti aging is meant to delay the aging phenomena. If we have working to delay aging through several activities, it means our activities are delaying aging phenomena of our body.

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