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This is the page of "Billionaire Forum or Billionaire Group: Billionaire Discussion Group Forum: How to be come billionaires or How to be a Billionaire: Billionaire without Work: Billionaire Overnight: Billionaire discussion group forum!"

You can find some information on the burning instinct, “How to become billionaires? Almost all people have instinct to be billionaires. According to the experiences I have in my mind; I have written some things to become millionaires. 

Once you become millionaires, they you can grow your business in safer projects among the micro projects. To become billionaires, we must first be millionaires. How to be millionaires are mentioned from the experiences and information I gathered in my mind.

You can see the page of millionaire forum for it. If you are exploring practical ways to become billionaires overnight, I cannot tell you this sort of ways to become billionaires overnight. I am sorry for it. My suggestions generally take at least ten years to become billionaires. But, if the people can work expertly, they can become billionaires in the duration of about five years too.

For example, if you can manage large quantity of fund to import some garments or other quality finished product from China and sell them in your country, you can become a billionaire in about five years. You must manage your fund and time very expertly for it.

There are many pages in the internet about the ways to become billionaires. I too want to list very important ways to become a billionaire. Some became billionaires from the business of growing a variety of flowers in very large scale and selling them to the international markets and wholesale markets.

Product Search and Screening strategy to start a business for becoming billionaires


First you start from a business from small scale. When you get confident, then increase your investment to cover larger market. You can explore other industry too. For it, you walk in the streets of shopping complex. List down the products you see. Explore the investment cost and production technology of the product to start a business or the industry.  Select some most suitable ones which is highly demanded. Plastic based product engineering, cotton based product manufacturing, electronic finished products.

Again go processing the information of the product. Some start their business from their own exploration and become billionaires. Some have idea and experiences of the production of a few commodities / product. Such a variety of service delivering and commodity production works will make them billionaires. 

It is not necessary that you can only be a billionaire when you have multiple industries to manufacture products. You can import the products from abroad and sell the product through whole sale market store. But, we must remember the product must be highly demanding kind or it must of different styles, different size and of a variety of colors.

Please see the page of millionaire. Then; only you can think ahead to work better to become multimillionaire. You must have some traits to be multimillionaires.

1) We must be Honest. Honesty is the best policy. So, we must be Honest, Honest, Honest and so on.

2) Do something for creation of capital to invest in lucrative enterprise which has least risk. There are some ways to form capital. Capital formed from the previous business or industries, taking bank loan and , collecting money through issuing shares to the general people.

3) Don't take enough salary for the time you are going to invest in the extension of the work to be billionaire.
When established multi-business starts giving sufficient money and you feel special security, then only you can take more salary. Do something for the people who purchased the shares your business issued. Be very honest.

3) Explore new market of your prevailing product(s).

4) Increase investment where you have been working. Create new enterprises or expand business growing investment and expanding market of your produce.

5) Be very gentle mannered and polite with any one including your any clients.

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