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Breathing exercise benefits: Anulom Vilom: Pranayam

It is the page of Breathing Exercise and Breathing exercise benefit: or Anulom Vilom benefits". You are welcome at the page of the Breathing exercise: Anulom Vilom benefits: breathing exercise benefits.

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Regular practice of the Breathing exercise: Anulom Vilom benefits us improving our breathing system very well. Anulom Vilom: the breathing exercise benefits us enhancing the lungs capacity to inhale enough oxygen and exhale the carbon dioxide from the lungs.

Breathing Exercise: Anulom Vilom

Step 1:

Press left terminal side of the nose with the tip of thumb or forefinger very lightly and take a long inhale of air slowly from right nostril. Then, near the opening region of the right side of the nose, press lightly at the right or left with the help of thumb or fore finger (The fore finger is the finger just after the index finger, fore finger is generally the tallest finger in our hands). It is the best method of closing the nose. Don't bend the nose tip while pressing the nostrils. (LS=Lightly pressing the nose side alternatively and inhaling slowly  and exhaling slowly). Keep the posture straight in the sitting posture. ( Nostril is used here to indicate nose).

Most important tip is: If you are inhaling air from one (left side, then exhale from next (right) side of the nose. Take inhale from the same (right) side from where you throw the lungs air. This way continue the steps several times for about 2 to 15 minutes. Better do the breathing exercise in sitting posture in your bed or on a rug. The breathing exercise done in the correct posture (chest protruded forward, vertical seat height posture) helps improve chest muscle better.

Step 2:

Then close the right side of the nose and open the left side of the nose immediately, then exhale the air from left nose. Then start inhaling air from the same (left) nose. As mentioned in step 1, press lightly on the right nose.

Step 3:

Then again exhale the air from right nostril and taking inhale from the same right nostril.

The same steps 1, 2 and 3 are repeated several times at least for 15 minutes. Generally the sitting posture is adopted for the breathing exercise. After 15 minutes, you may be tired of. But still you want to do the breathing exercise but taking rest.

Okay. You can lay your body in sitting posture and start the same steps 1, 2 and 3. If you adopt the Breathing Exercise: Anulom Vilom in early morning or day time or evening or bed time for 15 minutes at least everyday, it will certainly benefits you in several ways.

Can we do breathing exercise in any time?

In the early morning the breathing exercise is practiced. In the evening after the office hours or college hours, we can practice breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom". Furthermore, we can do the breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom" at any time and any where. If we are in traffic jam, we can do breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom". If we are watching  milk pot on a stove in order to find the time when the milk boils, then we can do breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom". If we are waiting any one; whether it is she or he, we can do breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom." Please don't hesitate to do the breathing exercise. You can do the breathing in the standing posture or in the chair sitting posture too. We have to do the breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom" when we get free time, in the interval while reading or studying. In such instances, we can do the breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom" based on the availability of the (free) time.

There are a variety of the breathing exercise. One of them is Kapal Bhati. It is also a powerful breathing exercise. You can see here and practice it.

Anulom Vilom: Breathing exercise benefits

The Anulom Vilom : breathing exercise benefits us improving defense mechanism 'immune system' of our body. The exercise of Anulom vilom benefits us helping getting rid of attacks of common cold, sinusitis, pharygitis . Besides, the very practice of the breathing exercise strengthens all sorts of muscle in the entire head, neck, shoulder, backside of body and chest very well and adds the trait of flexibility to them. This way Anulom Vilom as the breathing exercise benefits us in several ways.

See the page of common cold for the practice method of Anulom Vilom as the breathing exercise.

How does Breathing exercise benefit us?

Anulom Vilom as the breathing exercise of for fifteen minutes in each morning and fifteen minutes in each evening helps functionalise the lungs very well to absorb oxygen and throw carbon dioxide from blood through the lungs. The breathing exercise benefits us helping expand and contract our lungs properly. Proper expansion and contraction of the lungs helps to receive enough oxygen to our body through the lungs and and carbon dioxide throwing mechanisms of the lungs. Anulom vilom as breathing exercise benefits enhancing properties of lungs expansion, lungs contraction, enough oxygen intake, proper elimination of poisonous carbon dioxide from the body fluid " blood".

See the page of Common cold to practice the Anulom Vilom.

What happens in the lungs while doing breathing exercise? Does the breathing exercise benefit us?

Our lungs has two parts: left lung and right lung. The left lung has two chambers (lobes) whereas right lung has three lobes. Oxygen receiving cavities of these five lobes of the left and right lungs of an adult human have the surface area equal to the half area of a tennis court. All the surface area of the oxygen receiving cavities of the lungs generally do not work in most of the time. So the Anulom Vilom as the breathing exercise benefits us activating all the lungs cavities for spreading blood thinly and bringing all the oxygen receiving and carbon dioxide eliminating cavities of the lungs in function.

If We don't do breathing exercise, then;

When the blood comes to the lung cavities from the whole body through the heart, the blood is rich in carbon dioxide. All the carbon dioxide must leave the blood in the lungs. But, it generally do not happen. Some carbon dioxide remains in the blood and combines with water molecules. As the result, hydrogen carbonic acid (H2CO3) forms which again dissociates into carbonate ions (CO3- -), hydrogen carbonate ion (HCO3- ) ,and hydrogen ions ((proton, H+ ). These ions specially cause excessive accumulation two electron rich carbonate ions which is very harmful oxidants. Please remember the oxidants damages cell organelles including hereditary molecule too.

Breathing exercise does not let accumulate carbon dioxide in blood and body cells:

The higher concentration of hydrogen ions (proton,H+) is not beneficial to our body which makes blood fluid system acidic. Furthermore the carbonate ions (CO3- -), hydrogen carbonate ion (HCO3- ) behave like free radicals (oxidants). These free radicals have tendency to donate electrons. If the hereditary molecule receives the donated electrons, the donation breaks the sugar-phosphate backbone of the hereditary molecules. This way, free radicals likely to damage the sugar-phosphate backbone of the hereditary molecules (DNA= Deoxyribonucleic acid). This undesired abnormal phenomena is very dangerous to us. It can cause fatal disease such as cancer.

Breathing exercise and lungs efficiency:

Breathing exercise corrects inefficient elimination of carbon dioxide from body, blood and lungs:

Ample breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom" benefits reviving blood spreading, oxygen receiving and carbon dioxide throwing lung cavities into function very well. Ample breathing exercise like Anulom Vilom helps the blood and lungs to leave carbon dioxide from the blood. Breathing exercise benefits helping us exhale the carbon dioxide through the lungs more efficiently.

Breathing exercise benefits maintaining vital genes of our body:

If we can inhale enough oxygen into the lungs and throw all carbon dioxide from blood  through the lungs cavities, we will develop stronger defense mechanism "immune system". As the result, our body prevent from the attack of several diseases. It also help delay the permanent turning off of the beneficial genes like insulin synthesizing gene in the beta-cells of Langerhans of human pancrease. If the insulin synthesizing gene of the pancrease turns off prematurely and permanently, then we will be diabetic. Similar is the case of cancer. Cancer activating genes are turned on by turning off of some vital cancer suppressing genes permanently as result of damage to sugar-phosphate backbone of the DNA.

At the end; I want to conclude that we must do breathing exercise: Anulom Vilom to be healthy to live longer. The breathing exercise certainly enhances the lungs capacity for more oxygen receive and for more carbon dioxide release from the blood through the proper lungs function.

In essence; breathing exercise benefits increasing oxygen level and lowering carbon dioxide from the body,blood and  lungs. The breathing exercise benefits raising oxygen and lowering carbon dioxide and finally protects hereditary material from damage. The breathing exercise benefits maintaining turning the adult beneficial vital genes on.

To make people aware of the facts of how Anulom Vilom benefits us or how the breathing exercise benefits us, I wrote about the Anulom Vilom benefits: breathing exercise benefits. Accordingly, I gave the name "Anulom Vilom benefits: the breathing exercise benefits" to the page.

In daily tiredness after returning home from office works, the Anulom Vilom immediately refreshes us. So practice Anulom Vilom. For the practice session see page of "prevent common cold' for the instructions of the Breathing exercise / Anulom Vilom.

Thank you very much for the visit to the page of the "Anulom Vilom benefits us or how the breathing exercise benefits us."

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