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fresh mood: fresh body: fresh mind: fresh face

 It is the page of how to make fresh mood, fresh body, fresh mind,  and fresh face. I gave a name to the page: Because I want to write about the word: "fresh". You are welcome at the page of the how to make fresh mood, fresh body, fresh mind,  and fresh face.

The word 'fresh' in English language has many uses to indicate several expressions. The fresh is adjective. A woman said to a young boy, "Hee young man, didn't you get fresh from me." Some men says to their women, "I got extreme fresh from you, My Great Lady. I became very fresh from you, You queen. You are the greatest queen." Etc etc."

See Aphrodisiac foods too for making fresh mood, fresh body, fresh mind and fresh face of ours (It is for adult people only).

See Brain foods | Sharpen intelligence. Intake of the brain foods certainly makes you fresher than the object or word "fresh."

See and examine how wonderful and powerful the Japanese green tea powder "Matcha" is. I say, it is rare food substance in the earth. Don't miss to consume it. If you have missed, you missed very valuable thing in your life. It has the wonderful ingredients to make you fresh, extraordinarily fresh.

The adjective word of English language is also used with fresh mood, fresh body, fresh face, fresh mind, fresh vegetables, fresh green vegetables, et cetera et cetera. Every body wants to have fresh mood, fresh body, fresh mind, and fresh face. Everybody wants to see everybody and almost everything fresh. Fresh has very high importance in the life. It is necessary too to be fresh. How to be fresh is important question. So, it should be answered well satisfying all aspects. I try to cover some aspects which help make fresh mood, fresh body, fresh mind, fresh face and many other things fresh.

Early to bed and early to get up
The practice of making habit of early to bed and early to get up makes us fresh. If we go the bed early, our body metabolism works smoothly and properly. If we delay to go to the bed late, it influences the metabolic rate detrimentally which directly injures the expression of the fresh face and fresh mood.

If we practice to get up early and start our some physical exercise, taking some healthier drinks with cocoa or coffee, the pituitary glands will produce our body hormones of natural steroids properly and come to the blood circulation and finally each cells of the body. It will delay the aging. It will make your face sparkling and smiling which eventually make fresh mood and fresh mind. Then, you will utilize whole day. We must be fresh to utilize present time. Remember a proverb: “There is no time like the present.”

Regular bath or regular shower also help us make fresh looking as well as fresh mood. If you see any part of your body and dressing not of good looking, it will eat up all of the things that make the fresh mind of yours.  For example, if your hairs are not shinning and good looking, it will eat up all your freshness. See some tips to care hairs in the page of hair care.

Precaution before bathing: One most important thing; if it is cold, we must keep our body warm before we go to the bathroom for shower and after we take the shower. Otherwise some serious accident may happen in the bathroom or outside such as sudden paralysis or twisting of the nerves. So, please always be serious on my advice. I have heard many such accidents.

Skin care
Our body skin synthesizes oil and releases outside. Dirty may bind with the exposed oil in the skin which will block the skin micro-pores. Such blockage is one of the main causes of the pimple appearance in the face. So washing face with suitable soap or face wash will help care our face skin. Face wash with a suitable soap will certainly help make our face skin fresh and brighter.

Fresh body: We should keep our body fresh. Taking shower everyday with suitable bath soap is required. Suitable natural deodorant, or fragrance is also used to keep our body fresh. Ample body exercise, walking and Yoga are also recommended to keep our body fit which help us to keep fresh mind and fresh body of ours.

Fresh mood and fresh face
If we don’t keep ourselves fresh nothing goes good. In other word everything does not go smoothly and efficiently if we don’t maintain us fresh. For example; if a college student has not taken ample amount of meal or he or she is starved or took excess food, he or she won’t be fresh. In such condition, he or she cannot concentrate the class lecture and class experiment. He cannot focus his or her attention to the explanation of the class teacher or instructor. This way, the student does not know updated class information from his teacher. For examination, the student has to study harder in the apartment if the student has not paid full concentration in the class.

If the student is not fresh in any research lab, he cannot do his experiment well. The student cannot take the data correctly from the experiment. The data the student has taken does not reflect the exact natural phenomena through the experiment. If the student is not fresh in the laboratory, the student cannot work vigorously. The time will not be significant for the student, for the laboratory and for the nation. So, the student must be fresh. The student must get well-balanced diet. The student should take neither excess nor less food quantity in their meals. For extra fresh in the mind and body, the student has to take two cups of green tea.

Intake of the balanced diet rich in fish protein, vegetables, fruits, cow’s milk make us fresh, smiling and bright. These foods keep us healthier too. Intake of cow’s milk or cow’s yogurt with cereal based food at the breakfast makes us fresh and healthier.

We don’t need to explore for fresh and smiling. The mood of smiling and fresh itself comes to our face and mind from the intake of the fish protein, fresh green vegetables, fruits, cow's milk and berry fruits. In addition to the above food contained breakfast, two cups of the green tea enhance the phenomena of making fresh mood and fresh mind significantly.

In any time; when we become starved, we should eat something. We should not remain in starved state. If the time has not crossed 4 pm, we better take two cups of green tea if we are adult or college or university student or we are involved in white collar or gray collar jobs.

Whether we are thinking at home, or we are studying and working in our research work in college or in the university, we must be fresh. For it, we must take two cups of the green tea. Instead we can also take good cup of coffee with or without sugar and electrolytes. Generally the green tea significantly works for 5 and half hours if we take two cups of the green tea at a time.

Fresh food
We must take fresh food. Decay food is the source of fungal and bacterial spores. These spores are in most cases pathogenic. Decay food is also one of the causes of cancer . Fresh food, fresh vegetable are good for the health.

Frustrations, depressions carry away our fresh mood, carry our healthiness away and carry us away from our fortune. So we must always live happily without any tension. Happiness is the best thing that make us smiling and fresh.

Fresh again comes through the food we eat. Intake of the oven cooked fish of about 400 grams, bread, milk and green tea immediately fill our mind with abundant smiles, abundant freshness, high spirit and strong courage and many other very useful traits.

Read the page of vegetable garden or a new hope of the website that will also fill stamina into your mind and make you optimistic for doing something. The very traits also make our eyes sparkling and turn our face with smiles and fresh.

In essence, intake of breads or rice with high quality animal protein (fish), some fruits such as orange, black grapes, apple, avocado, mango and most of the berry fruits and green tea benefit us to make our face fresh and sparkling and build stronger.

In essence; fresh mood, fresh mind, fresh body all are dependent to the foods we eat. Furthermore, the food intake makes us competent to work harder and intelligently.  Please don't forget the name of the page: I have explained the benefits of the green tea and brain foods in some other pages too in the website. Please go through the pages too.

Brief points as fresh mood tips are:
Continuous working to perform a particular job will make sometimes boring. See some of the following pages too if you have time. If you don't have time, please read the following tips and practice accordingly.
Have interval while doing continuous work and enjoy in developing higher spirit to go ahead. It will make mood fresh of ours.

Take sugar free coffee drink or sugar free milk free green tea drink. It will make mood fresh of ours.
Take some light meal if you are going to be starved. This practice will make mood fresh of ours.
Do some breathing exercise when you feel monotonous: specially Anulom Vilom. Five minutes or three minutes are okay if we are good practionner of the breathing exercise.  The breathing exercise will make mood fresh of ours.

Don't take hyperglycemic index food such as high calorie sweetening substance like as sugar or glucose.
Thank you very much for the visit to the page "how to make fresh mood, fresh body, fresh mind,  and fresh face."

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