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Teach me MSTAT: How to analyse data from MSTAT: How to use MSTAT for data analysis: MSTAT tutorial: Teach me MSTAT

You are welcome on the page of the "Teach me MSTAT" How to analyse data from MSTAT: How to use MSTAT for data analysis: MSTAT Tutorial: Teach me MSTAT". I briefly mentioned short cut method of analysis of data from MSTAT statistical software.

First I have mentioned how to transfer Excel file into ASCII, then MSTAT session starts:

Excel file save as

Csv comma delimited

File name: nav (enter)

Save in D:/   (enter)

Click okay (enter)

Nav.csv may contain features that are not compatible with csv (cd). Do you want to keep the workbook in this format?

No (enter)http://localhost/

Save as window  x  (enter) at the top right corner

Now How to analyze data from MSTAT: How to use MSTAT for data analysis starts from here:

Data handling in MSTAT:

MSTAT  (enter) click

Work in minimized form

Files (20) (enter)

Path (enter)

D:\ (enter, enter)

Tomato or nav #

Title: split

Size 500

Ascii (6)(enter, enter)

Go to (6) (enter, enter)

Go to (2) (enter) (ascii to mstat)

Listing of files F1

Select your file then (enter, enter)

Enter the number of new variables – type 4 (enter)

The number is total variables including rep, entry, yield, nitrogen dose

Then you will get define variable window

Block (enter)

Text  Numeric


Ascii to mstat window
Data analysis from MSTAT starts from here:

Option 1 for all variables use (*)

Option 2: for 2 variable: type (1,2)

Option 3: for 3: type 1,2,3

Here we choose option 1: (*)

Case no 1: Yes for it click (enter)

Do you want to add cases to the end of the file: Y/N


Data logger Y/N

Yes (enter) It is compulsory. No option for it.

Ascii – include this line



Yes (we must choose Yes)

Sedit (inter)

Analysis variance. Split plot design

Main menu: CRD (3)

RCBD (4)

Factor (19)

RCBD 2 factor (2)

Anova sample display


Factor : first variable rep

Variable 1

Variable 2

Variable 3

Factor: second variable Factor a

Variable 2

Variable 1

Lower 1

Higher 8

Factor selected variable window

Is this correct? Y/N

Yes (enter)

Data file containing 48 cases

Do you want to use all cases



Select variable (by space bar) to analyze

Store all means Y/N

Yes (enter)

You will get table of anova

DMART analysis from MSTAT software:
For mean comparison, we can use some statistical methods. Two of them are LSD and Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT). For DMRT, we do the following steps:

Select: 'Range' '(39)'
Again press Enter
Select: 'Parameter' and hit Enter
For mean separation test or DMRT, press space bar (Long key at the last row of the keyboard), then press
Again select 'Disk' and press Enter (if your file is on the D drive of your computer)
Type:  First case ( you stored the mean in the same MSTAT file), then press Enter
Variable No:   (type here your trait variable number and press Enter) 
 No of observation:   (type here and press Enter)
No of means:  (type here and press Enter)
Alpha level to use: 0.05 (select and press Enter)
Error mean square: (type here and press Enter)
Degree of freedom:  (type here and press Enter)

then you will get output. Save and print ( if necessary).

Thanks for the visit to the page of the "How to analyse data from MSTAT: How to use MSTAT for data analysis: MSTAT tutorial: Teach me MSTAT".

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