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Intelligence: I want to have sharp intelligence: I want to sharpen intelligence

This is the page of "Intelligence: I want to have sharp intelligence: I want to sharpen intelligence" where the page welcomes you.

Everybody is interested to have sharp intelligence. Some are exploring the information to have sharp intelligence or sharpen intelligence of ours. Some are exploring information to have sharp intelligence or sharpen intelligence of our students. Some are exploring the practical information to have Sharp intelligence or sharpen intelligence of our own children.

In fact, we have arrived the correct page where you will find very practical tips to sharpen intelligence of ours. I too want to share some experienced facts to have sharp intelligence or to sharpen intelligence. Some of the tips are the following in order to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence:
Before I mention some tips about sharpening intelligence: Sharp intelligence! , I want to make you ready to read the article. So, I put some question section for reading the article. What are you? Are you currently involved in a job? Or are you college student or university student? What do you want to be? What subject do you want to study for your career? Develop interest in the career where there is high value of yours, this is one thought to show the path. Strengthen your background based on your strong interest, it is another thought. See how to overcome laziness too.
Eat some foods to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence!
Take two cups of green tea drink with some light breakfast. Instead of green tea, you can take coffee drink too. If you are taking coffee in an empty stomach, you can mix some sugar as a source of energy and common salt or electrolytes. But making coffee in hot water without sugar and salt is better drink to take.
We better take coffee without sugar and salt just before meals or after meals. Two cups of coffee at a time is better a cup of coffee at a time. But, don't take coffee in evening since it does not let us sleep very well when we go to the bed. Organic fresh filter coffee is better than finely ground filter organic coffee. Furthermore, the finely ground organic coffee is better than instant coffee. It makes our brain very active to work intellectual and academic work. It does not let us feel sluggish and sleepiness. The coffee sharpens our intelligence too.
Hypertensive and diabetic patients are not recommended to take sugar and salt with the coffee.  Coca drink is also recommended as the morning drink with some breakfast. Pure cocoa is not easily available in the market. Drink made with pure cocoa powder without milk and sweetening is far better than the drink made from processed cocoa drink made with sugar and milk.
Green tea and fish to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence

Eat meals with fish. Then you take two cups of coffee drink or two cups of green tea drink. Meals with fish and two cups of green tea drink certainly help sharpen intelligence of ours. Green tea drink solves many problems of people like thinking, understanding skill, and brings freshness in the mind. Drinking green tea eliminates muscle pain, body pain, and weakness. Instead it improves mental and physical work capacity. Drinking green tea also enhances correction of the problems of women's menstruation problems.
Eat berry fruits, vegetables to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence!
Eat enough vegetables and fruits including berry fruits. If fruits are not available, you can drink fruit juice such as orange juice, black grape juice, mango nectar, apple juice.
Wild salmon fish, Cacao beans (powder), Japanese green tea powder called as Matcha, Acai berries and blue berries, Coffee beans and powder are the best food items for our health as well as for brain. Their intake certainly sharpens intelligence. That's why they are called brain food items.
Food items such as avocados, broccoli, brown rice, brussel sprouts, chicken, eggs, flax seed oil, legumes including kidney bean and soybean, milk, oatmeal, orange, peanut butter, peas, spinach, tuna, turkey, yogurt are some important brain foods. Their intake certainly helps sharpen intelligence of human being. By the way, blue bold objects are stronger brain foods.
Don't drink alcoholic beverage and don't smoke in order to protect growing intelligence
Alcoholic beverages, artificial food coloring, artificial sweetening substances, high sugar drinks, hydrogenated fats, nicotine, white bread are some of brain-drain foods that they are retardants of sharpening of intelligence.
Develop some habitual activities to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence!
Go to the bed early and get up early in the morning for healthiness. Good health helps sharpen intelligence. When you get up, take a bath. Brush teeth, rinse your mouth. This is routine work every body is habituated.
Don't injure others to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence:
Don't injure anybody either by talking or physical beating. Respect everybody. You don't need to pay to speak with courtesy. Instead, you will get words of admiration from others in return. If you injure any one, that injury will also injure you too badly.
See some information to get rid of sleepiness and be sure that you never go to the bed for sleeping in day time. But, you can take very short nap in a sofa or in a chair if you are very tired. Don’t let you feel pessimistic or hopeless. Drinking two cups of green tea after your meals will not let you feel tensed and be in pessimistic mood. Instead it makes you cheerful.
Do some physical exercise to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence!
Do some light physical exercise such as Yoga and light aerobic exercise or some light walking. Don’t afraid that you cannot do them. You can do them. I am sure of it. The exercise helps to inhale oxygen more and physical exercise helps maintain us healthy. Never forget "Health is wealth."
Practice to participate in a sport such as badminton, running, jogging, basketball. If you are shy to participate in the sports, do Yoga and breathing exercise. Practice of doing some postures are very helpful to keep us fit.
List of physical exercises to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence! :
Standing posture,
Sitting posture,
Hands rotating while sitting,
Trunk bending while sitting,
Trunk bending while standing,
Posture of plough or posture of plow.
Develop high spirit in order to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence! :
Explore career where you interest is very high Make your will power strongest. Meet important people. Listen to them. Remember the points to motivate you. Listen to them carefully. Some time you will listen good accent while speaking in television anchoring. Remember them and try to pronounce in the same accent to motivate you.
Read useful articles and books to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence!
Practice reading without lip movements and sound. Reading without lip movement really helps you speed your reading tempo. It also helps understand any matter deeply. Stay alone too to strengthen your mental spirit.
Recall some words such as: "aahuuu", "I work hard." "My days will certainly come." "My foundation will certainly work one day". "Now, although my days are not so good, my good will certainly come."
Make strongest spirit to work hard. Apply special effort to prepare for exam or for your goal or your target. You are the person who have to think to make your career brighter through sharpening intelligence, strengthening mental stamina of yours. You convice you yourself in the best way. It certainly helps sharpen the intelligence of yours. I am firm you can do it.
See rapid and effective reading to sharpen intelligence or to have sharp intelligence! .
Do some mental exercise to have sharp intelligence or sharpen intelligence

Make daily dairy. See sometimes the activities in the dairy. Make listing of activities in your mind what you did today in the time of evening. Memorize them sequentially with respect to the time of reference. Repeat them. Try to speed up memorizing the list of the activities in shorter and shorter times.
Make listing of the activities what you have to perform today.  Don't make broad activity. Break down into small activities. For example: Preparing dinner and taking dinner is a broad activities. Break down it into many activities. When you prepare dinner, what dishes do you prepare?  Make them activities.
Further you can break each dish preparation.  Making omlet is one activity. You can still break down the activity into switching stove, putting frying pan, cutting onion into pieces, breaking egg, mixing the egg with the onion pieces et cetera et cetera. Better you memorize one by one of each activities in reference to time of action. You can write them in a piece of white stationary. Place the points sequentially to your mind with the reference to the way and time to reach there.
If you have to go for shopping for a variety of goods, make listing in a piece of white stationary and then memorize them. How to memorize them? In the whole day, what do you do as every daily activities after you get up, remember them with respect to the time. And link the goods to those activities. Try to memorize all the names of the goods you have to buy in your shopping through your everyday activities.
For example; you have to buy tooth brush, tooth paste, bath soap, milk,  salmon fish, tomato ketchup, vests, deodorant, green tea leaves, coffee powder, cacao drink powder, some fruit juice, some vitamin pills, rice, wheat flour, towel. It's okay. Linking of the goods with the activities is done this way.
Start linking mind between activities and goods you have to buy.
Daily activities - Buying
(a) cleaning teeth: buying tooth brush and tooth paste
(b) Bathing or washing hands and face: buying bath soap and towel
(c) Preparing and drinking morning drinks: buying coffee, cacao powder, fruit juice, tomato ketchup, milk
(d) taking lunch: buying green tea leaves, rice grains, wheat flour
(e) Dressing for going to university: buying body fresher (deodorant) and vests,
(f) Preparing and taking dinner: buying salmon fish;
(g) Taking medicine at bed time: buying vitamin pills.

Here you linked them with the activities. These activities will make your mind busy in analyzing some basic matters. But this will give you clue in your reading and in conducting your experiments.

By the way, I made a broad activity. Instead, break each broad activity into small many activities so that you can easily link the goods you have to purchase them. Easier to break down activities and memorize them than to remember illogical goods to buy. Accordingly tie (link) them to the activities where they are required to accomplish the activity.
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