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Lazy: Laziness: Overcome laziness: How to overcome laziness

You arrived at the page of “Lazy: Laziness: Overcome laziness: How to overcome laziness”. You are welcome at the page of the “Lazy: Laziness: Overcome laziness: How to overcome laziness.” I think you are very seriously exploring the ways to overcome the laziness of your own or your clients or of your children or of your workers or of your students.
I want to say you that you arrived at the correct page of the “Lazy: Laziness: Overcome laziness: How to overcome laziness”. If you think I have included very practical points to overcome laziness very effectively in just few seconds, then only you can certainly overcome the laziness. If you don’t feel so, please develop interest to read and adapt the points sincerely. You will certainly overcome laziness. Furthermore, you will be a successful person in your life.
There are a variety of reasons of laziness. Based on the reason of the laziness, we can help overcome the laziness. The variety of the reasons of the laziness is also dependent on the age group of the people and nature of works they are involved in. So I want to write briefly on how to overcome the laziness.

Children quarrel because of hunger: Children are lazy because of hunger:

Children quarrel: Children cry: It is also due to the laziness of the children. How to overcome the laziness of the children? What are the reasons of the laziness of the children? Sometimes children quarrel because of hunger. Children also quarrel because they don’t get friends to play. Sometimes, very young babies need mother’s lap and mother milk. Sometimes, children are sick, so they quarrel. So, be careful of these points. Sometimes, they are very thirsty. So they cry and quarrel.

Lemonade, fruit juice help overcome laziness:

In the hot season children are lazy. In such state, they should be served lemonade with some common salts. Instead of the lemonade, some fruit juice can also be served with high respect to them. You should also play with them if the children are not getting chance to play with friends. Father or mother or both of them should also have to play with the children. Explore the game to play with them. The game of ‘Hide and seek’ is one of the best games to play with them.

Rewards and words of admiration help overcome laziness:

Serve children brain foods to overcome laziness: 

De-worming of children help overcome laziness:

Some school students are lazy. How to overcome the laziness of theirs? Why are some school students lazy? It may be because they are neglected by their teachers. Or in other words, they are not carefully motivated by the work they have done. So, motivate the children giving appropriate rewards and words of admiration. Maybe their parents are careless about their meals. In such state, serve the children balanced meals with enough and a variety of brain foods.
It may be because of sickness such as worm infestation in their abdomen. So, regular visit to children physician is highly recommended. Some parents directly serve the children antihelmentic tablet such as “Albendazole” at six months interval. Paediatricians often recommend this medicine to the children. Stool examination helps the confirmation of the worm infestation and type of worm too.
Laziness in the children may be because their brains are not well developed in late embryonic stage in the mother’s body. Now onwards, serve brain foods to them. It may be because of their children did not get enough brain foods in the first two years after their birth. So serve them balanced diets with enough brain foods now onwards.
I am a man. I am always involved in playing cards. I am lazy. I am lazy to explore the works to make me smart. I want to overcome laziness of mine. How to overcome the laziness? Please suggest me. Some have such expressions. So I want to suggest them. You can read a page of mine from the website: A new hope to activate yourself.
Explore a variety of works. In what work do you find very interesting, very satisfying, very exciting in your life? Are you sure that the job you selected will satisfy you very well. Is there any doubt? You must be sure on the selected job. Another most important thing is that your selected job if talked to everybody should be admired too as far as possible.
But, there is another school of thought, if you find successful in the selected job, do you really feel very happy in your life? If you feel very happy after its successful completion, then you can start the work immediately. Determine now to work importantly. Start doing the work from now. Do you really want to start from now? If you do not want to start from now, I suspect your selection is still not appropriate for you.
Then again, explore more works. How do you explore the works? What related people are doing in your surrounding? Memorize them and their works. Again make a listing of the possible and suitable works. Select the most appropriate. Decide. Determine. Do promise now. Start doing from now. If you still feel frustration in starting the work, it means your selection is still not appropriate. So, again repeat exploration and making a new listing.
I am sleepy. I could not start my work in time? It’s because of the laziness. So, how to overcome the laziness of mine? The ways will be some burning ways to overcome laziness. First analyze the causes of the sleepiness. Analyze the cause of the laziness. Is it your acute laziness or chronic laziness? I think it is because of the chronic laziness. So you are so vigorously exploring the ways to overcome laziness of yours.

Taking green tea drink helps overcome laziness:

Taking coffee without milk and sugar also helps overcome laziness:

Don’t have interest to perform the works of your own? Don’t you eat enough brain foods every day? Do you eat too much to make the abdomen tight? Do you stay hungry most of the time? If it is like that, solve the problem one by one or one that fits you. Eat enough foods with brain foods. Don’t stay hungry at any time. Don’t take a lot of water at a time. Make a habit of taking coffee without sugar. Or make a habit of taking green tea drink every five hours interval every day. It is sure that you will always be ready to do the work if the work satisfies you best.
Aren’t you interested to do the work what you are doing? Is it really boring job? Explore the benefits of the job you are working. How to do the present job very interesting? Should you perform the work very sincerely, diligently and with very high spirit; doesn’t the work satisfy you very soon? Explore the benefits of the work if you perform the work very sincerely, very diligently and with very high spirit. Find out the ways how you can extract benefits from the current job. Work more interestingly. Be very punctual in your job. Reach the job earlier. Remember a proverb, “An early bird catches the worms.”
Some women complain this way. I am a woman. I always feel very sleepy. I always feel lazy or laziness. Would you please tell me some ways to overcome laziness? Let me start writing something related to the problem. Some women are sleepy at home. They feel laziness. In such state, I first analyze the cause of the laziness of the women. Okay, I assume you always get up early. Do you start working without breakfast? If you start your work without breakfast, start taking breakfasts compulsorily. Drink a cup of coffee after the breakfast too. If you don’t feel comfortable in taking the coffee, you can take green tea drink.
Do you delay to take meals? If you delay in taking meals, please don’t do so. Take meals in time. Don’t eat too much. Don’t drink water too much at a time. Make habit of taking green tea drink after each meal at five hours interval. Don’t take too much green tea drink after 5 PM since drinking excessive green tea drink makes you sleepless at your sleeping time. Take brain foods. Don’t eat oily foods. Fish, peanuts, soybean, walnut, cashew, ground flax seed, brown rice, whole wheat grain flour products are some of the Brain foods we must consume almost every day. Don’t stay fasting.
Some asks the ways this way. “I am a college student. I prefer to talk with friends. I prefer to play with the contemporary friends. But, I always feel laziness in my work. Would you please tell me some ways to overcome the laziness?” It’s okay. Let me start suggesting some advices here. Some college students prefer to talk. They are lazy in their studies. It generally happens in some individuals. Sometimes laziness is also good.
Once you are lazy and go to sleep for a few minutes. It will refresh you. But; before you go to the bed for sleeping, you better take one to two cups of green tea. drink and then go to the bed for sleeping. Think in the bed. Do you want to earn money and want to be a millionaire or multimillionaire? Or; do you want to earn fame in social work. Or; do you want to be a successful political hero. Or; do you want to be a famous scientist in one of your fields?
But; if laziness last whole day, whole week, whole month, and whole years; it is not good. Overcome the laziness as soon as possible. But, it is how to overcome the laziness? Did you analyze why you felt laziness? You should analyze it very well. What do you want to do in your life? Aren’t you satisfied in the current job? Don’t you have any job currently? Don’t you feel pleasant relationship with your boss?
What’s the matter you don’t feel smartness? What's the matter you could not overcome laziness? Try to find out. Read the biographies of famous persons in the world whose work resembles to your desired nature of the work. Develop ways to suit in your state. Develop interest to perform the works. Determine firmly. Always keep the spirit in your mind to perform the activities for your dutiful works. Grow the spirit to perform better and better.
Some asks the ways to overcome laziness this way. “I am a university student. I am lazy to complete my study works. Would you please write some ways to overcome the laziness?” I write for them this way very briefly. What are the courses you are studying in the program? Do you study economics or physics or chemistry or agricultural sciences? Is your program in the field of management or in the field of social studies? Or are you in the engineering program? Are you in the field where your interest coincides?
Develop interests in your own field or change the field where the interest of yours coincides. Think benefits of the completion of the degree. Develop interests in each course of the academic program of yours. Develop interest in each chapter of your course. Keep and grow the spirit that refreshes you to work harder and harder. Remember every field has bright career which depends on how you perform. If you are in a state to start a new career, make the best selection where your interest persists.
Some asks the ways to overcome laziness this way. “I am one of the job holders. I am not working in my job smartly. I am always lazy. Would you please write some ways to overcome the laziness?”
Some asks the ways to overcome laziness this way. “I’m a clerk in an office. I don’t want to sit on the chair of mine. I am often in the lazy mood. How to overcome the laziness of mine? How to improve the habit to sit on their chairs for persistent works?
Let me write something to overcome the laziness for the people like you. Why don’t want to work in the job where you are working? Is your current job young or about to mature? If it is young, you can change the job what you desire. If it is about to mature, you just wait few years more to mature to the current job duration. In this period, you work harder.
Think about the positive points of the benefits of your current job. If you cannot reach the satisfactory benefits of the current job, your thinking has not reached the apex. So think deeper and deeper to reach the benefits of completing the current job. Once you reach the apex of the benefits of the current job completion, you start feeling the job satisfaction.
Accordingly, work harder to perform better in the current job. It is only for the employer. It will be benefits to you too. And the benefit(s) to you is more than the benefits to the employer. Think on the point how the successful completion of the current job benefits you more than your employer. It will eventually reward you. It will eventually benefit you. Please believe me. Please believe at the benefits. Please be firm at your belief.
Some asks the ways to overcome laziness this way. “I am one of the school teachers. I am not going to the class in time. It is because of the laziness. In other words, I am not smart in my work. My questions are how to overcome laziness and regenerate smartness.” Are you satisfied in the current job? I think you are in very good job.
I admire your job of teaching. Gain as much information from text books and references. Make your background strong. Collect as many interesting illustrations and examples as possible to make the concept very familiar. Explain each term very well using graphs, tables, diagrams and some more methodology. Feel satisfied when you teach your students very well. For further detail, read a page of college teachers and university professors of my website:
Workers are in the field. They are lazy in their assigned works in the fields. So, how to overcome the laziness of theirs? Maybe they want to extend the job duration. It may be because they became hungry or thirsty. It may be because the weather is very hot and humid. They are lazy because they have not enough potentiality to work so hard. Give them the meals from your side. Include some brain foods in their meals. Roasted soybean grains with their meals will help boost their mental and physical stamina very tough to work physically and mentally harder. Serve them two cups of the green tea before they start the work.
At five hours interval, again serve each of them two cups of the green tea.. Make shading giving them big umbrella stand. If it is inside the room, air cooler or air conditioner will make the physical working environment very pleasant. Motivate them for quality and quantity of the work. Rewarding is one of the best way. Increment in the wage is also a kind of reward. Don’t think they are searching this system. Think it for you, it is for the employer.
Some asks the ways to overcome laziness this way. I am sleepy in day time too. I feel laziness. How to overcome the laziness of mine? It’s okay. Let me ask you a question: Where do you feel laziness? You feel laziness at home or at office? I briefly recommend you to take two cups of green tea when you feel laziness.
To overcome laziness, take some brain food items with your meals to make your mind smart for your work. Whether you are at home or at office, you should develop high spirit to work for fulfillment of your dutiful works. You can. You read whole text of the page of my website. You read some more pages such as fresh mood, sharpen intelligence, memory improvement, Brain foods, green tea and some other recommended pages too. Make habit in taking the green tea. They will certainly help overcome laziness of yours or your clients.
Some common tips to overcome laziness:
Shower: Take shower with cold water. If you are still lazy, then wash your face with cold water.
Enough meal: Don’t stay starved. Eat enough meal. Don’t eat too much food at a time. Don’t take too much water at a time. It will help overcome laziness. After a meal, take two cups of the Green tea drink.
Brain foods: Include some Brain foods in your meals. It will certainly help overcome laziness.
Breathing exercise: Do breathing Exercise to overcome laziness. See the pages of Breathing Exercise: Anulom Vilom to improve mental work and Breathing exercise: Anulom Vilom benefits.
Green tea and short nap: Drink two cups of the green tea. If you still feel laziness, take a short nap of a few minutes. It will certainly help overcome laziness.
Listen musics: Listen and enjoy the songs what you like most. Sing songs what you like most. Again sing the songs. Enjoy fully and develop high willingness to perform your work.
Yoga exercise: Do some Yoga. Do some walking too.
Make someone a symbol of imitation: It will motivate to work. It will help you imitate the practice of untiring and hard work.
Memorize past achievements: Memorization of the past achievement of yours will certainly help overcome laziness. Memorize them again and again and develop your interest, will power. It will certainly help overcome laziness.
Reward yourself: Take Ice cream, watch movie, eat a favorite meal, Do some walking and talking in a park with your life partner if you are married. The practice will also help overcome laziness. But, always remember your dutiful interesting works with very high spirit in every step of your life.
Develop sense of competition: It will certainly help overcome laziness.
Develop will power: It will certainly help boost your moral and overcome laziness.
Good start with minimum time to start: It doesn’t let you disintegrate the very high spirit and willingness. It will help overcome laziness.
Look benefits of your work: Think and look the benefits of the work. Explore the possible benefits. Write them. Memorize them repeatedly. It will certainly maintain your high will power. It will certainly help overcome laziness.
Find best friends for motivation and share of ideas: It too will help overcome laziness.
Explore new work for high job satisfaction: It will certainly help overcome laziness.
Timetable: Don’t work under your strict timetable if you don’t want to work in the strict timetable. Feel relax. Do you feel tired or laziness at any moment? If you feel tiredness or laziness in any time, it means you didn’t develop high spirit in your work. You did not develop high interest in your work. So develop very high interest. If you are young in the current job but not interested to do the work, change the work which moves you, which shakes you, which stands you for work in any instant of any day. The job which gives you high satisfaction will not let you feel tiredness. If you are timely exploring the way, be very sincere to explore the correct job to match your interest. It won’t let come laziness to your mind and body.

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