Thursday, November 7, 2013

Skin Care: Care the skin: Care my skin

This is the page of the "Skin Care: Care the skin: Care my skin.
Climate and seasonal factors for skin care tips

What type of climate is your country? Is it tropical? Or Subtropical? Or temperate? What is the season of the current days? Spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter?
Our personal matter factors for skin care tips

Are you unmarried or married? What might be the age of yours? Please don't reply me. I will mention the skin care tips accordingly.What is the skin type of yours: dry or self moisturizing? What type of meals do you have used to take in your diets?
Atmospheric factors for skin care tips:

What type of beauty do you want to have? What type of skin make-up do you want to have ? How dusty is your environment? Are you from developed country where there is no or very minimum dust and carbon disburse in the air? Do you want to make your skin for day time or for night time?
Cloudy days or sun shine days for skin care tips

For what purpose do you want to have tips for the skin care for your home or for your office or for your sightseeing in car or for walking or for shopping? Do you want to take tips for the skin care for cloudy day or for strong sunshine days?

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  1. This article is very much informative. Taking care of our skin is indeed very much important in order to preserve the youthful visage within us. For me, going natural really matters when it comes to anti-ageing routines. Eating the right kind of foods in the right amount helps. These tips really work. Thanks for sharing all these thoughts.

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