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A variety of Climate: A variety of Vegetation: A Heavenly Place: Shangrila

This is the page for Nepal: A variety of Climate: A variety of Vegetation: A Heavenly Place: Shangrila. You are welcome in the page of Nepal: A variety of Climate and a variety of Vegetation: A Heavenly Place: Shangrila.  

Nepal is a model country in the world where a  huge variety of  climate is found. You will find tropics, subtropics, temperate, extreme temperate and alpine climate. You will also find climate of arctic and ant-arctic in the small country. You can stand on about the sea level to the tallest mountain of the world: Mount Everest in Nepal.

Accordingly you will find so huge variety of climate, so huge variety of vegetation. Besides, you will find a wide variety of ethnic people in different parts of Nepal. One of the ethnic tribe is Chepang.  Still some more you will find. Nepal is the gold mine of information of human being  how they used to live in the earth while the course of evolution and civilization. You will find primitive ethnic communities of the people to western civilized people in different parts of Nepal.

How to introduce Nepal? Just recall a beautiful diamond piece. The Diamond is small; but, it reflects a variety of colorful rays. The colors reflected by the piece of  the diamond is really alluring to all age people. Similarly; Nepal, my country has a variety of climate reflecting the entire globe and a huge variety of vegetation. We can grow tropical fruit such as mango, banana. We can grow  a variety of vegetables including tomato and asparagus outdoor.

We can grow temperate fruits such as apple. We can grow orange in the mountain of Nepal. Nepal is made of southern fertile flat land, hard rock mountain adjoining to the flat land towards north. As we climb towards the north, we will reach temperate and further north, we will reach extreme temperate and then alpine and then Himalayan high mountain. Himalaya is the most popular mountain series in the world.

Currently; because of increasing urbanization, towns and cities are getting dirty. But; when you travel mountain region of Nepal, you won't find the waste. People of Nepal are very worried to  arrange many things including the used plastics, waste, glasses. Workers in the political party are wandering aimlessly for the welfare of the people of Nepal. I am worried on the matter.

Every year; millions of tons of the fertile soils goes to the country: the south of Nepal through the very large rivers and the country boasts on the fertility of the soils they have. They ignore the fertile soils they are getting  is from Nepal.

People in the plain, hill and mountain really and warmly welcome the people from abroad. It is natural love of theirs to the people coming from abroad. Although tourists get good hospitality in developed countries; but, it is the hospitality for money,  it is the hospitality for selfishness. But, people in Nepal are simple, ignorant and welcome guests with high respect as they respect to the gods.

By the way, what is Shangrila? Shangrila is the place where complete bliss, delight and peace are found. Eric P. Ekhelm has given  the name Shangrila to the region of Nepal in a book "Loosing Ground". He is also the author of  a book "Picture of Health" published by United Nations Environment Program.

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