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Hair Care: Care hairs : Get rid of dandruff: Hair loss

You are welcome at the page of the "Hair Care: Care hairs : Dandruff : Get rid of dandruff: Hair loss".   This page contains some information on the topic to care hairs of ours. So we can say the page of hair care. 

Hair care  is meant to nourish hairs and make  the hair beautiful looking with the merits of hair shinning, silky  and with traits of elasticity as well as strength. To make the hairs good looking, the hair must be dandruff free and shinning. Furthermore, to make good looking of the hair we must  eat balanced food with something for systemic hair function, we must apply something to the head and hair and we must wash it properly.
Get rid of dandruff for proper hair care

Generally the head and hair are likely to be victims of dandruff. Face sometimes becomes a victim of the dandruff. So I included some tips get rid of dandruff from the face skin including eye brow and nasal external skin. I have written some tip to alleviate dandruff from the head and hairs. So the page is page of hair care and the page of get rid of dandruff. Let us start writing about hair care and dandruff from here.

Any lady’s beauty and any gentleman’s handsome also lie on their hairs and the face skin. Shinning and silk hair without dandruff help make us smart and good looking. So we must care our hair.

Dandruff is one of the factors of hair loss too. Some says, “Dandruff damaged my hairs.” Some say, “Dandruff damaged my face skin.” "How to get rid of the dandruff, who says it correctly, my friend."

What is dandruff? Dandruff is dead cells of the scalp skin. Dandruff looks like silvery white scales on the scalp. Dandruff also develops in the forehead, nose, eyebrows and face skin too. Dandruff that falls from the head onto the shoulder of the black coat  carries away our smartness. How to get rid of the dandruff? How to get rid of dandruff from the face skin? These are serious questions of the victims of the dandruff.
Animal protein rich diet for hare care or care hairs:

Intake of a variety of fruits and vegetables for proper hair care

Hair protein: The hair is made up of proteins known as keratin. The hair grows continuously . So growth of the hairs requires  continuous intake of enough protein in addition to cereal based diet for energy and vegetables and fruits for minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Fish protein intake for hair care or care hair:
Fish protein is high quality protein for hair growth. Chicken protein is next option for the silky and shinning hair to add traits of  stretchability to the hairs. So their consumption helps make the hair good looking as well as prevent from hair fall problem.

Get rid of dandruff from face skin: To get rid of the dandruff from the face, make a habit of taking two to four cups of green tea drink everyday. It also helps to get rid of dandruff from the face.
A Tip for the Hair care or care hair or to get rid of Dandruff :

  • a) One day before the wash, apply hair oil onto the hairs.
  • b) Before we wash the hair, apply the mixture of yogurt, green tea drink, fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) paste and conditioner onto the hair and scalp. The mixture is made only for immediate use.
  • c) Comb the head skin with a suitable comb. The fingers of the comb should not injure the head skin. Select the comb accordingly.
  • d) After 15 minutes, take shower / bath and wash the head and hairs well. Apply conditioner too before the terminal wash of the hairs.
  • e) Dry the hair with clean sun-dried dry soft towel. Irradiate the head and hair exposing to the natural direct sunlight.
  • f) Apply quality hair oil and comb in the style that matches you. For men who have no satisfactory height, they better turn the hairs back. But, remember that you should not have long hairs (not longer than 1.5- 2.0 inches on the front head region). Don’t keep too long hairs if you are women or girls because it is very difficult to maintain the long hairs. I advice to keep the length of the hairs (locks) not longer than navel region back border (before the waist starts).
  • g) Wash the hairs twice in a week if it is possible. If it is not possible, then you must wash the hairs once in a week following the above mentioned tip.
Hare care recipe: A recipe to get rid of dandruff  to care hairs:

Steps of preparation of the fenugreek pudding:

  • Wash fenugreek grains in the clean drinking water (500 gms)
  • Cook the fenugreek in steam (steam pressure cooker) till the grains fully swell and become soft for grinding.
  • Make steamed fenugreek grains paste
  • In a frying pan, put some olive oil, groundnut oil, butter or any plant origin oil which does not give off-flavor and you have been using since several years in your locality (about 50 ml), heat the oil, then add the fenugreek paste, cook it in simmering heat until it loose approximately 50% moisture at least.
  • Boil milk (500 ml). Mix milk powder or condensed milk  (100 -200 grams) into milk (500 ml) to homogenize roughly. Then, add the milk mixture into the pan where we are cooking fenugreek paste.
  • Cook the pudding until the mixture becomes good semi-solid. Before switching off the stove, mix some sweetening substance such as sugar. Don’t add too much sugar. If you don’t feel enough sweet taste for your own taste, some sugar can be added later also too.
  • The fenugreek pudding is now ready.
  • Like jam, apply the fenugreek pudding over the sliced bread or chapatti. Apply the fenugreek pudding three times more than the quantity of jam you generally apply onto the sliced bread.
  • Eat the dish at the time when you feel starved or at the time of breakfast, in the time between the lunch and dinner. If we want light dinner, we can eat bread with the fenugreek pudding too in the western countries.
  • If it is South Asia, chapatti roll with the fenugreek pudding is an excellent dish for breakfast or light meal any time when you want.
  • You can store the fenugreek pudding in the refrigerator for few days. Before applying the fenugreek pudding onto the sliced pieces of the bread, heat the pudding to sterilize again.

Next tip for the Hair care:  Silky and stretchable hairs

Add enough fish or chicken to your meals to nourish your hairs and add the trait of the stretchability to it. If your meals do not have enough animal protein, then the hairs undergo fissuring. The hairs look brittle, split longitudinally, and loose the property of stretchability. Consequently phenomena of hair loss start.

Hair wash:

Furthermore, we must take bath with ordinary water. Regular bath in the morning makes us fresh. But, if it is cold, we generally prefer to take shower with tepid water. Remember when the shower of the bathroom sprays hot water, the hot water spray directly strikes your head and hair. Hot water on the head is one of the causes of the hair loss. So don’t use very hot or warm water to wash your hair and head. Neither warm nor very cold water is better for washing hair and head.
Hair conditioner and hair oil for hair care:

Use some conditioner for your hair. And some hair oil is also available for both men and women.

See precaution before bathing | taking shower.

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