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long life:live longer

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Who does not want to live longer? Who does not want to live healthier? Everybody wants to live longer and healthier. So, it is the question of majority of people in the world. I have seen some people in the surrounding. They sometimes say, “What is the use of living longer.” I have also seen them with spontaneous stream of tears in their eyes when they know they are going to die because of some serious illness.

When the concept of death comes in my mind, I start thinking what will happen to my children when I die. It means I want to live longer and healthier. Experienced and wise persons have given us a proverb, “Health is Wealth.” Young people just say, “Health is Wealth.” They don’t try to realize what does it really mean. When people reach the age of about 50 years and they become sick for long time, then, they will understand the real meaning of the good health and long life.

A man in a village of Sangyuan which is located in the north of Wansen in China was living long life. His name was Lichingyung. He had married 14 times and he had 130 children. His body capacity and eyesight was good enough and he could move like the general people move when he was 255 years old. People had been usually asking him, “What is the mystery of the so long life of yours?” He had used to answer in simple way. A report of an interview with him was published in a newspaper of “Leader” when Lichingyung was 255 years old. The date of the issue of the newspaper was May 18, 1932. His answer was, “(1) A person should be peaceful in mind. (2) The person should sit like the tortoise sits. (3) The person should move like the pigeon moves. (4) The person should sleep like the dog sleeps to live longer.

What does the above four points mean? Point 1 means that we should live happily. Point 2 means that we should remember and should put belief on the god like the tortoise sits with high patience. And we should practice sitting like Japanese ladies sits on the ground. Point 3 means we should improve our posture. Furthermore, we should live with glory.

We should improve our posture in such a way that our chest should be well exposed frontwards and our body should be straight upwards. We can practice to make such posture too. We should practice such 'Standing posture" and hands rotating exercise.

Point 4 means that we should not sleep more. We should go to the bed early and get up early in the morning.

Long time ago people like hermit in the Gangatic plain had also long life like the life of Lichingyung. They had used to do Yog and breathing exercise. Nowadays people do not believe the fact. An author of a book Devkinandan Singh (1934) mentioned in his book “Jyotish Ratnakar” in the page number 407. He mentioned that a hermit-like man whose name was Sadhu Baba in a village of Munger in the country of India indebted to the author of Jyotish Ratnakar since Sadhu Baba had sometimes used to visit the author.

Some plants live longer. Scientists are very interested to know the mystery of the long life of the plant species. Those plants have super-surviving genes. The bio-substances produced by the super-surviving genes of those plant species make them live longer.

For example, Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) lives longer. Some good Ayurvedic doctors in Nepal sometimes recommend eat the green paste of the Bermuda grass to some of their patients who have skin allergy due to the hot weather. Do you know the Bermuda grass which never dies although it looks dying when the season get colder; but, the underground plant parts of the Bermuda grass starts giving new beautiful foliage when the soils receives ample moisture and season becomes warmer.

Similar is the plant species of strawberry. Although the plants look dying in the off-season; but, when the weather becomes favorable, the underground plant parts (roots) start giving new vines of strawberry. It means the plant species have super-surviving genes which produces bio-products for the longivity and regeneration because of which it never dies. The bioproducts of the super-surviving genes of the strawberry plants species also deposits in the fruits, I believe so. That is why the strawberry fruits are healthier and of medicinal value.

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