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Relieve from Constipation

It is the page of the "Constipation: Relieve from Constipation". In fact, you arrived at the correct page to relieve from Constipation. In urban societies and cities throughout the world, people are very worried because of gastric problem of constipation. Everybody who is the victim of the constipation wants immediate relief  from the constipation; but, they are not getting rid of the problems.

Problems of medicines to relieve from constipation

Some of the victims of the constipation are taking Ayurvedic medicines and some are taking Allopathic medicines to relieve from constipation of theirs. But addiction of such medicine is not so good in the long term.

The same herbal dose does not work if the herbal medicines like laxatives have been used. After long use of the laxatives whether it is herbal or allopathic, victims of the constipation need the more amount of the laxative. Sometimes the large dose will cause serious diarrhea and dysentery.

Modern medicines of Allopathic as well as Ayurvedic (herbal) also cause side effects in the human body if taken long time.
Some tips to relieve from constipation:
Tips in the early morning to relieve from constipation:

Steps to relieve from constipation
a) Get up early in each morning.
b) After, take two cups of the green tea

c) After about 15 minutes, take something made from cereals or psudo-cereals or breakfast.
d) Then, do some light physical exercise like jogging, walking of about 10 minutes or dancing for 5 minutes
e) Very soon you will feel necessary to go to toilet. After that, you will feel comfortable.
Tips from 10 AM to 5 PM to relieve from constipation:

f) We can effectively relieve from constipation if we make habit of taking green tea drink in other time too. Five hours after the first drink of the two cups of the green tea drink, or just before taking lunch or after the lunch, we can take two cups of the green tea drink. This will also help us relieve from constipation.

If we take our meals with some flax seed ground meal, it will certainly work relieve from constipation.
Tips at the time of dinner to relieve from constipation:

g) Just before or after taking dinner, we can take about half cup to a cup of the green tea drink. Take about three quarter of the green tea drink in just before you go to the bed. Please don't take green tea drink excessively after dinner / before you go to sleep for rest since taking excessive green tea drink can cause restless and sleepless to some people. So, please be careful on the matter.  But, remember taking the green tea drink at dinner or bed time. It will certainly help us relieve from constipation.

h) If we arrange to take flax seed meal with the dinner meal, it will effectively help us relieve from constipation. The flax seed meal make the after digest stool moist and soft as well as lubricating. While throwing the stool through the rectal passage, there will be minimum friction between the stool and internal passage tissue. And remember the flax seed meal with its oil is effective fuel to your brain to work very efficiently.

f) The practice I mentioned here will certainly work. We can practice the steps each day to clean our bowels clean. It will relieve us from constipation.
Emphasized tip: Intake of two cups of green tea in every morning relieves from constipation:

At the end, I want to recommend one thing which very important to relieve from constipation. Although I outlined many steps in the page of the relieve from constipation, the most important tip is taking two cups of the green tea drink in the early morning of everyday and a cup of the drink before going to bed will certainly relieve from constipation. Other tips are to make this tip more effective. Some who have low blood pressure pattern are better advised to take very light breakfast after taking the green tea drink. Furthermore, I also advice them to do breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom" to reduce the risk of low blood pressure problems significantly due to the green tea drink.
Do breathing exercise to take green tea drink if low blood pressure trend: Relieves from constipation.

I again want to note another most important tip to make the last emphasized tip comfortable. If you find taking green tea drink effective and you have trend of the low blood pressure, I advise to postpone taking the green tea drink for 15 days. Start doing breathing exercise for 15 minutes in every morning. After 15 days of the breathing exercise practice, we can start taking the green tea drink to relieve from constipation. It is safer. Be careful to continue the breathing exercise for continued intake of the green tea drink.

Thank you very much for the visit at the page of the "Constipation: Relieve from Constipation".

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