Saturday, January 4, 2014

Standing posture

It is the page of the Standing posture. You are welcome in the page of the Standing posture. The standing posture directly balances our body. It improves the strength our legs. The practice of the standing posture adds capacity to expand and contract chest and lungs while breathing. The practice of the standing posture eventually makes our lungs system stronger. There are many benefits of the Standing posture.

Just stand closing your back part of the body over the wall making the whole body very straight and raising both the hands straight upwards for about five minutes everyday. This posture is called as "Standing Posture".

After we are well-balanced and gain strength to stand in this posture, we should practice without the support of the wall. Another important things to improve the posture effective while "Standing Posture" are: "Stand with the help of feet metatarsel and phalanges region (fore feet region), not with the help of heel (calcaneus and talus region).

Stretch your both hands upward so that you start feeling stretching the whole body. It will improve your posture.

The practice of the standing posture has many benefits to elongate our life span. It improves our overall posture. Proper practice of the standing posture also enhances the normal functions of walnut size prostrate gland of men located under the urinary bladder.

Although you have maintained very good posture; still you need to strengthen persistently your good body posture while walking and sitting. In evening or in tired mood, you cannot maintain good standing posture. For it, you need not be in starved mood. You must take some meals or snacks. You also need to take two cups of green tea or two cups of filter organic coffee if you are tired or not maintaining good posture. Taking green tea drink or organic filter coffee certainly helps maintain persistently your good posture.

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