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Cure cracks on my feet: Treatment of Cracks on my feet: Prevent cracks on my feet

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In winter cold some people whether they are women or men, they suffer extreme pain due to the infection in the cracked bottom skin of the feet. People who suffer from such infection and pain due to the cracked feet skin do not believe that a particular inorganic liquid substance  can cure their cracked skin feet since they have applied very expensive ointment or cream or lotion or moisturizer  but these could not cure the cracks of the feet. They are tired of using such expensive medication. I recommend them some tips as to cure cracks on the feet.

If you have severe pain on the feet because of the infection on the cracked feet, you better dip your feet in warm water. But, you cannot tolerate the heat of the warm water. Slowly add boiling water in plain water into the bucket where you have dipped your feet so that the tolerating strength of yours will rise. You can keep the feet in the bucket with the warm water for 15 minutes to 30 minutes.

Clean your feet with soap water. Use some simple tool to remove dead cells of the bottom of the feet. Rubbing the rough surface of the tool with the cracked skin of the bottom of the feet will remove dead tissues. You can do the tip when you feel the rough surface of the bottom feet skin.

Then you take out of the feet from the bucket / warm water; then, absorb all the moisture from the leg and feet. They apply glycerin (glycerol) onto the cracked region of the feet. Then give light message to the feet. Thereafter, you can wear nylon or cotton socks so that the nylon socks will not absorb the glycerol. These all tips are done before you go to the bed for sleeping.  Regular application of the glycerol to your feet will not let the skin feet skin crack.

If you have cracked skin on your feet, the regular application of the glycerol will cure the cracked skin. If you have severe crack, it will take time to cure the cracked injury. Certainly the treatment method will certainly help to cure the cracked feet. In most cases, the tips work. But, still everybody has their own unique hereditary make up as well as hereditary skin pattern.

Very effective and result oriented: Another one of the most effective treatment: rub half part of a lemon fruit from the inner part of it onto the bottom surface of your feet continuously from 15 to 30 minutes. Do so regularly for 15 days. After 15 days, rub petroleum jelly or Vaseline onto the skin of the feet. After 15 days, again rub lemon piece from inner side one to two times in a week. You can do so evening or in the time when you feel free of job/work pressure.

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