Sunday, February 2, 2014

get rid of tiredness

It is the page of the get rid of tiredness. You are welcome in the page of the get rid of tiredness.

Who will not be tired? Everybody gets tired. Some ones who feel tiredness prefer to take rest. They want to sleep if it is possible. But some careful people do not want to sleep. They want to do something to get rid of tiredness. Some people are exploring to find the effective ways to get rid of tiredness. If it is so, then you have arrived at the correct page: the page of get rid of tiredness.
Please see some of the effective ways to get rid of tiredness.

To stay fresh or prevent tiredness.

a) Go to the bed early and get up early.

b) Brush your teeth with the most appropriate tooth paste. Rinse the mouth with clean water.

c) Take a bath with some cool water.

d) Do some aerobic exercise if it is possible. If it is not possible, you better do Yoga and some breathing exercise.

breathing exercise.

Quick way to get rid of tiredness. 

e) Take a breakfast including some brain foods too. Roasted peanut, walnut are also excellent brain foods. Include fish in your each breakfast if it is possible. Oven cooked marine fish or freshwater fish is one of the best ways of taking the fish. At least, one true or false cereal based food items are necessary if you are taking peanut, or walnut or such omega rich food items (peanut, walnut, pecanut, cashew and other which is rich in plant oil). 

f) Take two cups of the green tea drink immediately after the breakfast or after meal or lunch. If it is summer and hot days, better you take green tea. If it is winter and chilling or cold, you better take strong coffee (after boiling 1-2 grams in pure drinking water.). Prefer not to add sugar into the coffee. If you are of low blood pressure, you can add sugar plus some salt into the coffee. If you have strong gastritis, you better take green tea without sugar. Prefer to take green tea after some meal or snack. Never take green tea in empty stomach. Excessive coffee drinking is not so good to the people who have hypertension (chronic blood pressure pattern). By the way, make five hours interval  after taking each two cups of the green tea drink.

h) If you are at home or traveling by bus or train; but, you are feeling tiredness. Then you can do breathing exercise such as Anulom Vilom for at least fifteen minutes. You can exceed it up to one hour too. If it is winter and snowing, you better not exceed the duration of the breathing exercise of 15 minutes outside. Avoid doing the Anulom Vilom if you don't feel the surrounding has fresh air flow.

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