Sunday, February 2, 2014

I am very worried: I am very tensed: I am depressed: I am frustrated

This is the page of the "I am very worried: I am very tensed: I am depressed: I am frustrated: Please save me: Please help me." In such state, I want to share some ideas you. People express in different ways if they are not feeling happy. For it, I want to share some ideas as few tips very briefly. 

Tip 1) If you have high blood pressure trend, please consult to a very good physician.

Tip 2) If it is general trend that you get depressed, frustrated, worried and tensed, then you better take good meals with enough oven cooked fish and green tea into you meal. The amount of the oven cooked fish is 300 to 600 grams. Taking two cups of the green tea with the meal with fish will certainly help overcome from such tension, worries, depressions or frustrations. Within ten minutes, you will gain a new spirit, increased mettle to perform your continuing or new work or start a new work or any solid work. You will more optimistic instead of recovering from pessimism.

Tip 3) Please be in contact with a good friend who can advice you very well.
The cause of worries, tension or depressions or frustrations may vary. According to the cause, the recovery varies. If you are weak, or you did not take meal last time or last night, or you are suffering from common cold, or you are feeling that you cannot prepare the exam you are going to appear very soon or many other reasons. Don't worry. Please start and adopt the practice of tip 2.

Remember Bill Gates and Thomas Alba Edison. Remember Bill Gates who could not top in third year of his B.S., then he dropped out his studies and started a professional career establishing Microsoft. Thomas Alba Edison whom school teacher verified that the child could not study any more and they declared that they could not teach him. Thomas Edison's mother taught Edison at home. It is Thomas Alba Edison who made many inventions to the world. Please don't get depressed. Please don't be worried. Please don't be tensed. Please don't be frustrated. I did not make this website just to write a website. In fact I wrote this website to improve your mental and physical stamina growing. I have written an article: my mind. You can see the page it.

Thanks for visiting the page of the "I am worried: I am very worried: I am much tensed: I am depressed: I am frustrated: Please save me: Please help me".

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