Friday, February 21, 2014

Study in Japan: Higher Education in Japan: I want to study in Japan

You are welcome on the page of "study in Japan: Higher Education in Japan: I want to study in Japan". Nowadays students want to go abroad for higher studies. Japan is one of the best options for it. I am writing the page for higher education / graduate studies / research studies. Mostly; all the classes, orientation in the university education in Japan takes place in Japanese language. But students can write research thesis in English also if the candidate does not want to write in Japanese. But the skill of Japanese language makes the students comfortable life in Japan.

There are more than 500 universities in the country of Japan. There is highest possibility to get admission and scholarship to study in science and technology than any other subjects. There are two ways to go to Japan for higher studies. Through the formalities of Japanese Embassy in your country is one way. Next option is corresponding to the dean of the faculties of different universities stating your own interest. If you have studied Japanese language, there is higher possibility to get admission and scholarship for higher education in Japan. I sincerely advice you to have patience while corresponding.

I am explaining here the second option:

Step 1: Japanese language skill development is the first step.

Step 2: Writing research proposal to conduct experiment is second step for higher education in Japan.

Step 3: 
Collection of the name of the universities and email addresses of the dean the faculties that is relevant to you is the third most important step.

Step 4: Communicating to them through email or airmail expressing the interest of higher studies in your field and waiting some positive response.

Step 5: Going ahead what the positive signaler asks you to do. Generally dean passes the letter to relevant professor and the professor writes to you. Generally Japanese professor do not take initiative to take foreign students. It is because scholarship competition is high, they too don't want to waste time if possibility of scholarship is not high. But some professors tries for it. Failure of getting scholarship is also meant failure of attempt of the related professor to make the application of the related candidate successful.  So very few professors writes email / letters to you. Any way just go on trying it. But remember, the field of interest of yours is in the field of science and technology; then, there is higher chance of getting scholarship.

I will add some more information into it step by step.

Thank for the visit to the page of "study in Japan: Higher Education in Japan: I want to study in Japan." 

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