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Ground apple in Nepal

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Cultivation of the ground apple is still underground in Nepal. People are not aware of the ground apple cultivation and medicinal and nutritional value of the intake of the ground apple in Nepal . If farmers or enthusiastic farmers are interested in growing the ground apple in Nepal , they need planting materials. For it, they can contact to Mr. Rajkumar Sapkota in Kushadevi village in Kavre (in the district of Kavrepalanchok). His mobile is 9841 13 48 84. It is located near Panouti.

Ground apple is called yakon in English vernacular name. It is also called as Peruvian ground apple. Edible part  that develops underground is in the form of vegetable fruit. The plant looks like the plant of sunflower and its flowers look like flowers of the plant species of the sunflower. The plant species is also in the plant family of sunflower. The plant forms rhizome underground and attached with edible ground apple of round to cylindrical shape. Its outside skin must be peeled before consumption.

The ground apple can be planted in May-June and harvested in January in Nepal. Cultivation of the ground apple in Nepal is possible up to the altitude of 3000 meter (about 9000 feet) above the sea level. Crop plant produces flowers also if it is cultivated in southern plain belt of Nepal, but in mild temperate to temperate region the crop produces few flowers or not. The crop duration is about eight months.

The ground apple fruit is climacteric like apple. The fruit of the ground apple at maturity must be harvested and kept for few days for ripening. Delaying harvesting deteriorates the quality of the ground apple. In the extreme of the winter cold, the fruit must be harvested. The storage period varies in the store room temperature. Higher temperature fastens ripening of the fruit of the ground apple; but low temperature delays the fruit ripening. The ground apple fruit (vegetable fruit) can only become ready for consumption few days after its harvest. The fruit of ground apple is eaten in raw state (without cooking or boiling) as we take apples.

Intake of the fruit of the ground apple enhances activity of colon fauna and improves the colon health. Diabetic people should not be afraid of the taking the ground apple since its sweet does not raise the blood sugar level at all. It is safe to diabetic. We can say the fruits of the ground apple sweeter than any underground fruits or vegetables in the world.

From the perspective of cultivation of the ground apple in Nepal, it can be grown in the farmland or neglected marginal land if the field is upland and soils does not stay in waterlogged state in rainy season. Growers and consumers are welcome to cultivate and consume the vegetable fruit of the ground apple in Nepal.

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