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prevent common cold: get rid of common cold

This is the page of prevent common cold or prevention of common cold or get rid of common cold or alleviate bronchitis infection or Prevent asthma attack. I welcome you in the page of the Prevent common cold: Get rid of common cold: Prevent asthma attack: Alleviate bronchitis infection.

The tip to prevent common cold:
1) Take balanced diet regularly. Don't stay fasting. Never put your stomach empty. Don't drink sour. Don't take cold drinks in cold. Don't eat banana fruits if you are susceptible to common cold, or asthma or bronchitis, or tonsilitis or pharygitis. 2) Breathing exercise A (Anulom Vilom): See the page of breathing exercise benefits. 

Breathing exercise 1: Step Preparation: Long inhale and exhale: For it, first you stay in sitting posture in hard sheet that does not give you cold from the floor. I have shown in the picture here too. Stay in the posture for 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 1: Close left nostril and take a long inhale of air from right nostril. By the way, be careful to close the nostrils. First of all, put your fore finger and thumb inner tips onto the top of the one of the two sides of the nose nostrils. At the bottom of the nostril, press lightly at the right or left nostril with the help of thumb or fore finger (it is after the index finger). It is the best method of closing the nostril. 

Step 2: Then close the right nostril and open the left nostril immediately, then exhale the air from left nostril. Then start inhaling air from the same (left) nostril. As mentioned in step 1, press lightly on the right nostril.
Step 3: Then again exhale the air from right nostril and taking inhale from the same right nostril.

The same steps 1, 2 and 3 are repeated several times at least for 15 minutes. Generally the sitting posture is adopted for the breathing exercise. After 15 minutes, you may be tired of. But still you want to do the breathing exercise but taking rest.

Okay. You can lay your body in sitting posture and start the same steps 1, 2 and 3. If you adopt the exercise in early morning or day time or evening or bed time for 15 minutes at least everyday, you will rarely suffer from the common cold.

Even if you suffer from the common cold, the days will not be so difficult. If you are patients of asthma or bronchitis, the breathing exercise will help minimize the common cold and lower the incidence of acute asthma attack.

See the following page too to know the benefits of Anulom Vilom.
How Breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom" benefits. Do you feel weakness in your mind and body due to common cold? In other words, are you frustrated or depressed because of common cold or some weakness? If it is so, I will advice you one method to get rid of such depressions, frustrations and such weaknesses.
In such situation, please buy half kilogram of a cat fish and cook it in an oven. You can cook the fish in steam too as an alternative. Then you take the fish with some cereal food. You can take a glass of milk with the fish. If you take the fish with two cups of green tea, it will fill your mind full of smiling spirits.

Then, you will immediately start feeling boosted mental stamina. Then you will not find you and your mind depressed and frustrated or weak. Instead you will gain special mental and physical stamina. Then, it will make you ready to go ahead.

In case you are vegetarian, then make soup of mungbean cooking in steam adding some salt and take the soup. You can add some spices too according to your taste. It will also help relieve your weakness, frustrations and depressions. Then you take two cups of the green tea. As the result, it will make you ready to go ahead.

Thank you very much for the visit at the page of the prevent common cold or prevention of common cold or get rid of common cold or alleviate bronchitis infection or Prevent asthma attack. 

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