Sunday, December 28, 2014

Some essence of life experience: Inspired by Bal Yogeshwor

Some essence of life experience: Inspired by Bal Yogeshwor

(1) If any body have planted a sapling of a tree and gave inputs of care, manure and water until it grow fully to attain its maturity, he or she is authorized to utilize tree products for any purpose; if not, then he or she has not got right to use even to burn his body at the end.

(2) In burning candle, cotton thread boasts that it is giving light. In fact wax is giving strength to the thread for burning to give light. Similarly people boast that they have done this, this and this. In fact breath inside the body giving strength to them to perform several deeds. Once the wax is finished, the thread turns into ash. We too turn into ash after breath leaves us. So we should be grateful for the god in the form of breadth like wax in the burning candle. We should develop skill to practice accordingly. So remember it very well.

(3) Tree is one of the teachers of Rishi Datatreya. The Rishi learned many things from the tree. Trees lives for others, not for its own sake. According to him, the trees give fruits to animals, leaves to animals. They exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide and purify the our atmosphere. They catch soils and doesnot let landslide. How the trees benefits others; similarly, we have to work to benefit others. 

(4) Don't ask the god to give more Burpees. Just taste the deliciousness of the Burpee He /She has given you. 

(5) Bend your hands towards the left chest region and touch your palm and fingers onto the heart region from outside to feel God is living in you and blessing you. So are we watching facebook pages.

(6) To fill the mind with Paramananda is our instinct. You came to the earth with empty hands. Now you have the opportunity to fill good things into your hands/ palm. Do something to give light to the people after the sun sets. It will continue radiating the light for ever, for ever, for ever. Then people will acknowledge you even after you pass away. 

(7) To have Ananda and Paramananda is the final target of our life. So we should work to fill something into your hands before leaving the earth. Work for the welfare of the human kind. 

(8) Before many many years, millions and millions came to the earth and passed away without developing light, if you too do not want to develop the light in your life, I have  nothing to say. But developed light gives light for long time like a burning candle gives light after the sun set. 


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