Thursday, March 26, 2015

Course Outlines of Advanced Genetics and cytogenetics of M.S. Plant Breeding: IAAS, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Advanced Genetics and Cytogenetics PLB 703

Classical concepts relating to identification, transmission, distribution, arrangement, functions, and modification of genetic materials; behavior of chromosomes; cellular organelles and cytoplasm in relation to genetic behavior; and chromosomal aberrations and their use

Text Book: Genetics, Second Edition M. W. Strickberger  

Identification of genetic materials:
History of problem:  
Cellular division and chromosomes:
Reproductive cycles:  
Nucleic acids:
Replication and synthesis of Nucleic acids:

Transmission and Distribution of genetic materials:  
Mendelian principles: Law of segregation
Mendelian principles: Law of independent assortment
Probability and statistical testing
Dominance relations and multiple alleles in diploid organisms
Environmental effects and gene expression
Gene interaction and lethality
Sex determination and sex linkage in diploids

Cellular organelles and cytoplasm in relation to genetic behavior  
Maternal effects and cytoplasmic heredity

Arrangement of genetic materials:
Linkage and recombination
Gene mapping in diploids

Chromosomal aberrations and their use  (or) Behavior of chromosomes or   
Modification of genetic materials: Change and structure of genetic materials
Chromosome variation in number
Changes in chromosome structure
Gene mutation
Induced genetic changes
Genetic fine structure

Functions of genetic materials
Genetic control of proteins
Protein synthesis
Nature of genetic code
Gene regulation
Differentiation and pattern

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