Sunday, June 21, 2015

Scrap paper, Scratch paper: N R Adhikari

Scrap paper, Scratch paper of N R Adhikari              Details of NR Adhikari 

[1] Journal collection List for crop scientists 

[2] Journal of Innovative Biology 

[3] Peer J Journal From USA             Plant Science Reviewer in PeerJ

[4] Asian Journal Archive Guidelines

[5] European Research Council

[6] TWAS

[7] Research Grants for natural and social sciences

[8] Origin of species Leaky Foundation

[9] E U Programs 2014-2020 


[11] Some articles of Plant Origin in 'Plant Feeds Us'  

[12] Anthocyanin concentration reading machine       PDF File  

[13] Chlorophyll Flurometer   

[14] Red light absorbance/transmittance, chlorophyll and N concentration     Manual  

[15] For writing and publishing   


[17] Plant physiology expert Ghent  

[18] Nepalese-English Translation 

[19] Preprint

[20] Nature Proceedings 

[21] International Journal of Scientific Report

[22] Scientific Report 

[23] Journal of Agriculture Science Indonesia 

[24] Author Aid Funding 

[25] Some cooperation for international meetings  

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