Friday, November 27, 2015

green tea in Nepal: Organic green tea in Nepal

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Start of producing organic green tea in Nepal

Nepalese farmers are growing a horticultural crop of tea in eastern mountain region for exporting processed leaves of the green tea from Nepal. Nowadays; awareness of growing organic tea in Nepal is growing because of the growing international demand of the organic green tea, green tea growing farmers in the mountain region of eastern Nepal have already started without using harmful insecticide . They are growing organic green tea applying organic manure to their green tea farms to produce organic leaves of green tea in Nepal. It is because they get higher price for it as well as growing demand of the organic product: the leaves of the green tea in Nepal.

Organic green tea in Nepal made from Camelia sinensis

Growing green tea belongs to growing plant species: Camellia sinensis and processing the tea leaves without fermentation. The drink made from the green tea is wonderful drink in the world. Our great grand parents and fore parents identified and confirmed the green tea as one of the best food items in the world.
So if you are interested in drinking green tea in Nepal, it means the taking drink made adding the processed young green tea leaves of the plant species: Camellia sinensis into the freshly boiled drinking water and waiting till the leaves releases its extract to the boiled water. It can be recognized looking the color of the green tea water and smelling it.

Quality organic green tea in Nepal

The high quality crop of the tea is generally produced in the temperate region in the globe. In high altitude, growing of the tea plant is possible for making green tea leaves. Nepal is also one of the important country growing the tea plants, processing the leaves to make the green tea and exporting.
Some herb processing people are formulating herb mixture in the name of herbal tea to sell in the local market in Nepal. In fact, they are not herbal tea; they are just herb mixture in the name of herbal tea. They are made from the plant parts of some local herbal plant species. The herbal mixture does not contain green tea leaves. Herbal extract in the name of herbal tea might have health benefits; but, they are not the real green tea. The Green tea in Nepal is real green tea.
Nepalese farmers in eastern hill and mountain region have been growing tea. The processing factory of the green tea leaves have been processing to make green tea in the places of Kanchanjunga and Fikkal. Green tea leaves produced in high hill and mountain of Nepal are of high quality and highly demanded in the world.

Drinking Milk tea and organic green tea in Nepal

Very few people are interested in drinking green tea in Nepal. Most of the people have been used to drinking milk tea which is made mixing milk, sugar, fermented tea leaf granules, and some spices. The spices include small cardamom, ginger, black pepper, leaves and bark of Cinamom tree species. Any one of the spices I have mentioned here is mixed before boiling the mixture to flavor the milk tea. The flavoring herb really makes the blending of the milk tea with aroma and flavor. The flavor makes the tea pleasant for drinking. The milk tea effect remains for about one hour. But, the beneficial effects of the green tea remain at least five hours. There is long term benefits too of taking green tea drink. Its indirect long term beneficial benefits last for about a week.

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  1. Good to know that Mostly people of Nepal don't drink Organic Green Tea or Green Tea. Overall your blog is well-explained.