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potato in Nepal, Hunger in the mountain of Nepal: Acknowledgement to Mr Girish Giri: Research to Nepal Agricultural Research Council.

I gave the name of the article as the potato in Nepal, Hunger in the mountain of Nepal: Acknowledgement to Mr Girish Giri: Research to Nepal Agricultural Research Council. I have written the article “Potato in Nepal, Hunger in the mountain of Nepal: Acknowledgement to Mr. Girish Giri” in reference to the article published by Mr. Girish Giri in Nagarik on April 4, 2011. I read the article of “next aspect of potato” published in daily newspaper “Nagarik” on the day of April 4, 2011 in Nepal which was authored by Girish Giri (Mr.).

I knew bumper harvest of potato in Rukum in the year of 2011 but sad news of very poor sale of the potato harvest in Rukum. As the result, the people in Rukum did not have money to buy rice grains for their daily consumption. In parallel, the potato harvest started decaying. Food Corporation of Nepal (NFC) has used to haul the rice grains and sell in the region of the mountains of Nepal. Likewise, NFC started selling rice grains, but farmers are not coming to buy the grains.

One day we will hear grains went waste because of damage in the store. Our money again goes to throw the garbage of the rice grain. In such situation, why don’t we think and execute to make the potato as staple food in the region? Why don’t we demonstrate them that we can make the potato harvest for staple food in the mountains of Nepal if the farmers are producing it in the region?

The potato can also be grown almost everywhere in Nepal including the far western mountain of Nepal and can be stored in the region. In the spring of 2011 in the far western mountain region of Nepal, there was heavy hailstone and storm. The hailstone and storm damaged the crop of wheat in the March of 2011. Once upon a time, the potato was used as a staple food in Ireland and England. Pandemic attack of late blight pathogen: Phytopthora infestans caused the famine in Ireland once upon a time. From the statement, we can know the potato was a staple food in Ireland once upon a time. 

Similarly, people in the mountain of Nepal can make potato as the staple food. For it, we have to demonstrate the potato recipe and potato dish to make it staple food. Some use potato as necessary vegetable, some use potato as French fries, some consume potato in the form of vodka in the world.

The farmers and potato businessmen in the UK have been applying efforts on the production, breeding and consumption of potato and applying special efforts to maintain potato as the food for five days in a week. Popular magazine the Economist has given presented potato fourth rank to potato after maize, wheat and rice among the people of the world. 

Potato should be included in the list of staple food instead of vegetable although the potato contains enough minerals and vitamins whereas the cereals grains wheat and rice do not contain enough minerals and vitamins.
Nepal Agricultural Research Council and FM radios have to work in the research and extension of the potato use as the staple food. Potato is high glycemic index food. Diabetes and hypertensive people are afraid to consume the high glycemic index food including potato. 

So, potato researches should be oriented to make the potato dish for low glycemic index so that hypertensive and diabetic people should not be afraid to consume the potato as the staple food.
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