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Tomato in Nepal: Hairloom tomato in Nepal: Heritage Tomato in Nepal: Lapsi Gede

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Lapsi Gede can be an ornamental as well as commercial tomato variety
Because of indeterminate growth habit and fruit clusters of the tomato variety: Lapsi Gede (LG), the tomato variety can be an excellent ornamental tomato variety too. Since the tomato plant is an annual herb, it completes its growth and seed production in a year.
Nepal has some genetic resources of tomato. Some are tolerant to heat stress found in southern plain belt of Nepal and some are tolerant to cold stress found in hill of Nepal. Nepalese breeders are very interested to work in the breeding of tomato tolerant to heat and cold stress.

Lapsi Gede: Hairloom Tomato or Heritage tomato in Nepal

In the district of Dhading of Nepal, farmers have been growing heat tolerant landrace of tomato in Nepal. It is Lapsi Gede. It is one of hairloom varieties of tomato in Nepal or Hairloom tomato in Nepal. We can say tomato landrace as the Heritage tomato in Nepal.

The Hairloom Tomato in Nepal is reservoir of useful genes

If the temperature, soil moisture and soil nutrients are enough in the soils, the tomato plants of Lapsi Gede can grow and produce tomato fruits up to one year. In the one year, the tomato plants die. Even If the tomato plants of the tomato variety: LG die because of chilling injury; when the favorable temperature comes and soils have enough nutrients and moisture, the shoot again regenerate foliage from the drying shoot.

Commercial scale production of Hairloom tomato in Nepal

If proper nitrogen level is available, high carbon/ nitrogen ratio is in the plant system; the tomato plants produce health fruit clusters and supply nutritious and delicious tomato fruits. Besides, Nepalese farmers have been growing the tomato variety in large commercial scale for sale as well as for home consumption (Adhikari 2009).

(Adhikari, Nav Raj. (2009 A). Characterization and selection of high yielding stress tolerant and disease resistant varieties of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Miller). Tomato Research J (2), p: 1-28.)
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