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Some essence of life experience: Inspired by Bal Yogeshwor

Some essence of life experience: Inspired by Bal Yogeshwor

(1) If any body have planted a sapling of a tree and gave inputs of care, manure and water until it grow fully to attain its maturity, he or she is authorized to utilize tree products for any purpose; if not, then he or she has not got right to use even to burn his body at the end.

(2) In burning candle, cotton thread boasts that it is giving light. In fact wax is giving strength to the thread for burning to give light. Similarly people boast that they have done this, this and this. In fact breath inside the body giving strength to them to perform several deeds. Once the wax is finished, the thread turns into ash. We too turn into ash after breath leaves us. So we should be grateful for the god in the form of breadth like wax in the burning candle. We should develop skill to practice accordingly. So remember it very well.

(3) Tree is one of the teachers of Rishi Datatreya. The Rishi learned many things from the tree. Trees lives for others, not for its own sake. According to him, the trees give fruits to animals, leaves to animals. They exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide and purify the our atmosphere. They catch soils and doesnot let landslide. How the trees benefits others; similarly, we have to work to benefit others. 

(4) Don't ask the god to give more Burpees. Just taste the deliciousness of the Burpee He /She has given you. 

(5) Bend your hands towards the left chest region and touch your palm and fingers onto the heart region from outside to feel God is living in you and blessing you. So are we watching facebook pages.

(6) To fill the mind with Paramananda is our instinct. You came to the earth with empty hands. Now you have the opportunity to fill good things into your hands/ palm. Do something to give light to the people after the sun sets. It will continue radiating the light for ever, for ever, for ever. Then people will acknowledge you even after you pass away. 

(7) To have Ananda and Paramananda is the final target of our life. So we should work to fill something into your hands before leaving the earth. Work for the welfare of the human kind. 

(8) Before many many years, millions and millions came to the earth and passed away without developing light, if you too do not want to develop the light in your life, I have  nothing to say. But developed light gives light for long time like a burning candle gives light after the sun set. 


Agricultural Education in Nepal

A few publication by Dr N R Adhikari, Rampur Campus, IAAS, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

The page is under construction.

Adhikari, N. R., N. Nakata, M. Tomita and Y. Yasumuro. 1996-1997. Characterization of Aegilops squarrosa Cytoplasm for the Development of Secondary Hexaploid Triticale with Genomic Constitution (AB) (AB) DDRR.

Adhikari, N. R., N. Nakata, M. Tomita and Y. Yasumuro. 1998-1999. Characterization of Aegilops squarrosa Cytoplasm for the Development of Secondary Hexaploid Triticale with Genomic Constitution (AB) (AB) DDRR. J. Inst. Agric. Anim. Sci. 19-20:97-110.

Adhikari NR, Ghimire SK, Sah SK, Koirala KB. (2015) Dynamics of chlorophyll and N concentration on e0 and e3 leaves of maize hybrids in winter in subtropical region. PeerJ PrePrints 3:e1050

Adhikari NR, Ghimire SK, Sah SK, Koirala KB. (2015) Flowering, reproductive behaviors and their effects on grain yields of newly bred single cross hybrids of yellow maize (Zea mays L.) in winter in subtropical Nepalese Himalayan foot plain. PeerJ PrePrints 3:e1108

Adhikari NR, Ghimire SK, Sah SK, Koirala KBB. (2015) Stay-green traits of hybrids of maize (Zea mays L.) below and above ear during grain filling, and their association with grain yields in winter in subtropical foot plain of Nepalese Himalaya. PeerJ PrePrints 3:e1135

For some more, click here N R Adhikari1  

                                          Nav Raj Adhikari2

Recommendation by N R Adhikari, Plant Breeding Department, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

List of students recommended by 
N R Adhikari, Associate professor
Plant Breeding Department, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

The page started since December 2014. 

To Whom It May Concern: This page is to confirm to related experts that N R. Adhikari wrote recommendation for Job or Higher Studies. 

1) In December 2014: To Mr. Kiran Mani Basnet: For Conference in Paris, France 

2) In December 2014: To Mr. Kiran Mani Basnet: For PhD studies in Legume 

3) In January 2014: To Mr. Raja Ram Mehta: For Graduate studies in Virginia, USA 

4) In April 30, 2015: To Mr. Roshan Adhikari: For M S studies in Australia.  

5) In July, 2015: To Mr. Sandesh Neupane: for higher studies in Canada 

6) In Dec: To Mr Bishwayog Bhattarain: for higher studies in the USA 

After it, no recommendation has been forwarded to date.  

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My Mother's Home | Mero Ama Ghar | In Nepal | Shelter of Old Age Women of Earthquake Victim

This is the page of My Mother's Home | Mero Ama Ghar | In Nepal. This page is constructed to link the website /blog of its own. 

Old age women and victims Earthquake strictly of old age women class can stay in "My Mother's Home".

Please contact the following phone numbers:

9841593437 (Aruna) 
9841436765 (Dipeshwari)
9841411799 (Samistha)

My Mother's Home | Mero Ama Ghar | In Nepal

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Strengthen Memory: Improve Memory

You are welcome on the page of the "Strengthen Memory: Improve Memory: Strengthen Intelligence". 

Strengthen Memory since it is most important factor in our life. 


Memory is the most important factor of all people for their personal development. Some students and some people are very worried because of their poor intelligence and poor memory. The students and candidates are also worried because of poor marks. They scored poorly in different examinations they appeared in their life. My advice to them, "Don't panic because of such causes." I am here to help you to improve memory of yours.

We can strengthen memory and intelligence at any stage of our life.

Many candidate who have scored very high marks in the examination, could not perform very well in their future. Many candidates could not score very high marks in their examinations; but, they performed very well in their life after completion of their academic program or without the completion of the academic degree. It means you can strengthen your memory and intelligence in later part of the life too. 

Get rid of frustrations and depressions and strengthen memory and intelligence


Please read ‘vegetable garden’ of my website too which will help you motivate and go ahead whether you are interested in vegetable garden or not. Here I want to share some of my experiences and points to practice in the life that will help you go ahead and make your career brighter.

Simple Story as the tips to strengthen memory and intelligence


I have mentioned some tips to improve memory and strengthen intelligence by adopting some reading and analyzing habits. I have briefly summarized some tips about some important drinks to improve intelligence and memory. Before you start knowing the things, you first read the following story. It will help me illustrate the learning and memorizing principal. This is the story of a Sage.

I write a story to illustrate the techniques to improve memory. Please read it and the remaining texts too. The story is the following:  


A Fable, A mouse girl
There was a hermitage on the bank of the river Ganga hundreds years ago. A wise saint lived there along with his wife and disciples. The saint was popular for his wisdom and some magic power. The couple of the saint did not have any child up to the old age. So his wife was very worried to have a baby of her own. One day she told the saint that she wanted a baby. The saint consoled her that time. (saint)

One day the saint was praying at a site in the surrounding of the hermitage, a female mouse fell on his hand. He turned his head to the sky and saw a hawk in the sky flying over his head. He thought that the hawk was flying in the sky with the mouse but fell down at his hand. The saint turned the mouse into a beautiful girl with his magic power.

The Sage brought her to his hermitage and handed her to his wife. The saint said to his wife, “You always said that you too want a baby. So I bought the baby for you. She is our daughter now and onwards, so nourish her with love and food.” When his wife received the baby on her hand and listened the words the saint told her, she was in an ecstatic delight with satisfaction and calmness. She said, “I’ll care her like a princess.” (mouse)

After eighteen years the baby grew into the most beautiful girl on the Gangatic plain. Realizing their most loving daughter of age of marriage, the saint and his wife desired of getting her married to the most handsome and the best man in the universe. The saint thought and told his wife that Sun is the most suitable person as a husband for their daughter in the earth. His wife too agreed on it. (marriage)

One day, in the morning, the saint worshipped the Sun with his spiritual power and invited him to come there. Hearing the message the Sun immediately came down there and asked the saint, ” Oh Saint! Why did you call me? The saint told the Sun, “I want you marry the most beautiful daughter of mine. She is the most suitable for you.

Hearing this; the daughter staying adjoining to him said, “I won’t marry him. He’s is very hot and fiery. So I want a better husband.” Hearing this, the saint was very worried. In the sad mood he asked the Sun whether there was any one greater than he is in the world. The Sun replied, “Oh! Yes, the Cloud is greater than I am. When the Cloud comes in front of me, my brightness gets masked.” The saint listened and thanked the Sun. The Sun disappeared from there. (sun)

Then the saint called the Cloud with great respect. Hearing the invitation; the Cloud came before him and asked him, “Why did you invite me? The respectable Saint! The saint requested the Cloud, “My daughter is the most beautiful girl in the earth and she desires to marry the greatest man in the world. I’ve seen you so. Please don’t harass me on my proposal. I want you marry my daughter.” Hearing this; the daughter said, No, I won’t marry the horrible dark cloud.” (cloud)

When the saint heard this, he was very worried about her marriage and suitable husband for her. In the sad mood the saint again asked the Cloud whether he had seen such man greater than him in his mind. The Cloud too gave him some optimistic idea that he could find such person.

The Cloud said to the Saint, ” Wind can be the best husband for her. He is more powerful than me”. The Cloud further said, “The Wind can blow me away anywhere and whenever. The Cloud said some more, “The Wind can harm me; but, I can not harm the Wind. So the Wind can be the most suitable husband for your daughter.

The saint felt somewhat comfortable when he got advises and the Cloud. The Cloud too requested him that he too wanted to go to his destination from where he came. The saint let him go and the Cloud disappeared. (wind)

After a few minutes the Saint called the Wind. Hearing the invitation, the Wind came before him and asked, “Why did you invite me, Honorable Saint?” The Saint replied, “You are the most powerful and most suitable man to become the husband of my daughter. You can see my daughter that she is also the most beautiful girl. So I want you marry my daughter.”

Hearing this; the girl immediately said, “Oh! Never, I won’t marry such one who is always restless and can’t stay at one place peacefully even for few seconds.” From the statement of his daughter’s disappointing words, the Saint again became very worried. In the disappointed mood, the Saint asked the Wind whether he had some one in his vision that who would be the greatest and suitable in the world to marry his daughter.
Seeing the depressed mood of the Saint, the Wind said, “Oh! Yes, the Mountain is the most powerful and the largest. It can’t move. It can block me, the Wind. Similarly the Wind asked the Said, “May I get permission to leave the place. Please don’t get worried. She will get the best man.” In the frustrating mood, the Saint said to the cloud thanking him, ” Farewell ” Then the Cloud after the polite permission disappeared from there. (wind)

Immediately the Saint invited the Mountain. The Mountain too appeared and asked him the purpose of the invitation. The Saint put the same proposal with him. Hearing these words and seeing him the, daughter again said; “No Father, He is very long, tall, hard and dry. I won’t marry him. I still want better husband than he is.”

The Saint asked the Mountain the same question, “Do I find the most powerful man as a husband for my daughter?” Hearing this, the Mountain immediately replied, “Oh! Yes Saint, the Mouse is bigger than I am. Though I look powerful, hard and tall; even then a mouse makes very small holes in my body even he is very small. The mouse is better than I am.” The Mountain after seeing some smiling on the face of the Saint said, May I get permission to leave for there for my destination? “The Mountain too got permission from the Saint and left the place. (mountain)

After a few minutes, the Saint invited a Mouse. A Mouse came to the Saint and his daughter running within a moment. As soon as the daughter saw the mouse, she looked smiling. The saint put the same proposal with the Mouse. When he heard the proposal, the Mouse too looked rapturous and agreed on it. The daughter too said, “This is the same one I like most. I’ll marry him.” When the Saint heard the words of the Mouse, he became very happy. So, the Saint immediately informed his wife and arranged the marriage. (mouse)

The saint thought for a moment and then changed his daughter into a mouse with his spiritual power. The saint fulfilled all the process of marriage of the mouse with all necessary formalities and blessed them.
Some tips of learning technique which will help to improve or strengthen memory and intelligence

To memorize the above story, you can remember the Saint, his wife and they did not have any child. Then you can easily remember the mouse, the girl, the marriage, the sun, the cloud, the wind, the mountain, the mouse logically. You knew very interesting logic among the sequential keywords of the story. So you can memorize the story sequentially. Similarly you can remember any article too. Some writer will give clear logic from paragraph to paragraph. Some writers keep the logic silent while moving from one paragraph to the next. So try to extract the logic between the sequential paragraphs while reading.

A) First remember the story you read. Extract keywords sequentially. Try to establish relationship of the keywords by logic of the story. Remember the logic or develop logics to carry objects from saint to mouse, then mouse to sun, then cloud, then wind, then mountain, and then mouse. It certainly helps you write whole story. It will help improve memory.

Remember the interesting logic between sequential objects or pictures. Then, a linking chain will form. This way, you can make chains of contents of your reading book, chains of paragraphs of a lesson. This will help you remember. Remember that the objects you studied must reflect the story. Memorize the stepwise interesting logics. Then you will form linking picture of the sequential objects. This practice help improve memory.

B) Read all the stories of my website. Then make a list of the object words in your mind for all the stories serially with your own logic. Give an object for each story and link all the stories sequentially. The stories (of TE Stories) with lower numbers are written in very simple language; but, as the number increases, some advances have been adopted in the language of the stories written using some more transitional expressions making them more smoother.

C) Practice linking the keywords with suitable logic as many times as possible. It helps improve memory. It is a learning technique. One day you will find your mind wonderful asset.

D) I again summarize some things here. Don’t be pessimistic. Always be cheerful. Be optimistic. Learning a foreign language also sharpens the intelligence, long research has showed it.

While doing learning exercise, be alone. Don’t be with others. Otherwise you will lose your attention going away from the target. Apply efforts. Apply special efforts. The more hurdles you face in the life, more efforts you should apply. Take the hurdle the greatest opportunity to strive in the situation. Be serious to apply your efforts. But don’t panic. Practice applying your efforts. Practice well to familiarize the techniques. This practice also help improve memory.

Another important process to improve memory is repetition. The repetition is indispensable to improve memory of ours.

E) Never stay at starved state. Eat something. Drink green tea and coffee if you have still six hours to work or study. It will certainly help improve memory.

F) Before you take a meal, take some sweet fruits. For it, an apple or a glass of grape juice or a seasonal fruit is fine. It helps improve memory.

G) Don’t eat animal meat too much such as beef. Eat catfish, sea water or fresh water fish. Steam cooked or oven cooked fish is better than oil fried fish. If you have common cold, never sleep without meal. Don’t eat too much making stomach tight. This sort of adoption help improve memory.

H) Taking coffee and green tea drink improves your intelligence which will help improve memory.

I) We have two types of memory: short time and long time memories. Left side brain stores information for short time but right side brain stores information for long time. The left side brain has ten per cent capacity of the whole brain but right side brain has 90 per cent capacity. So we must use the right brain simultaneously. For it, we must analyze the information with relevant and interesting logic. We must link them sequentially and precisely. This sort of practice helps improve memory.

J) Don’t stay starved. You need to take coffee after meals. You can add some sugar and some electrolyte too (common salt) into the boiling coffee. Taking the coffee will help improve your mental stamina for the memory and intelligence. Taking coffee drink and green tea drink eliminate your sleepiness, laziness and stimulates you to work intelligently and persistently. So adopt the practice of drinking one to two cups of coffee.

Young growing children can be served the lemonade with some electrolyte (common salt) in stead of the green tea and coffee. Generally the children have low blood pressure. I wrote the tip since young growing children are generally not served the coffee and green tea.

See some best brain foods in the page of Sharpen intelligence of the website.
K) If you work ten hours each day, 10,000 hours will reach in three years. If you work 10 hours everyday for six years, 20,000 hours will reach in six years. If you work 10 hours everyday for nine years, 30,000 hours will reach in nine years. If you work 15 hours everyday for three years, 15,000 hours will reach in three years. If you work persistently with the highest spirit and craziness in one field, you will certainly gain significant output. The output will be amazing to improve memory.


Strengthen Memory and Strengthen Intelligence are correlated directly.

Thanks for the visit to the page of the "Strengthen Memory: Improve Memory: Strengthen Intelligence".

prevent common cold: get rid of common cold

This is the page of prevent common cold or prevention of common cold or get rid of common cold or alleviate bronchitis infection or Prevent asthma attack. I welcome you in the page of the Prevent common cold: Get rid of common cold: Prevent asthma attack: Alleviate bronchitis infection.

The tip to prevent common cold:
1) Take balanced diet regularly. Don't stay fasting. Never put your stomach empty. Don't drink sour. Don't take cold drinks in cold. Don't eat banana fruits if you are susceptible to common cold, or asthma or bronchitis, or tonsilitis or pharygitis. 2) Breathing exercise A (Anulom Vilom): See the page of breathing exercise benefits. 

Breathing exercise 1: Step Preparation: Long inhale and exhale: For it, first you stay in sitting posture in hard sheet that does not give you cold from the floor. I have shown in the picture here too. Stay in the posture for 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 1: Close left nostril and take a long inhale of air from right nostril. By the way, be careful to close the nostrils. First of all, put your fore finger and thumb inner tips onto the top of the one of the two sides of the nose nostrils. At the bottom of the nostril, press lightly at the right or left nostril with the help of thumb or fore finger (it is after the index finger). It is the best method of closing the nostril. 

Step 2: Then close the right nostril and open the left nostril immediately, then exhale the air from left nostril. Then start inhaling air from the same (left) nostril. As mentioned in step 1, press lightly on the right nostril.
Step 3: Then again exhale the air from right nostril and taking inhale from the same right nostril.

The same steps 1, 2 and 3 are repeated several times at least for 15 minutes. Generally the sitting posture is adopted for the breathing exercise. After 15 minutes, you may be tired of. But still you want to do the breathing exercise but taking rest.

Okay. You can lay your body in sitting posture and start the same steps 1, 2 and 3. If you adopt the exercise in early morning or day time or evening or bed time for 15 minutes at least everyday, you will rarely suffer from the common cold.

Even if you suffer from the common cold, the days will not be so difficult. If you are patients of asthma or bronchitis, the breathing exercise will help minimize the common cold and lower the incidence of acute asthma attack.

See the following page too to know the benefits of Anulom Vilom.
How Breathing exercise "Anulom Vilom" benefits. Do you feel weakness in your mind and body due to common cold? In other words, are you frustrated or depressed because of common cold or some weakness? If it is so, I will advice you one method to get rid of such depressions, frustrations and such weaknesses.
In such situation, please buy half kilogram of a cat fish and cook it in an oven. You can cook the fish in steam too as an alternative. Then you take the fish with some cereal food. You can take a glass of milk with the fish. If you take the fish with two cups of green tea, it will fill your mind full of smiling spirits.

Then, you will immediately start feeling boosted mental stamina. Then you will not find you and your mind depressed and frustrated or weak. Instead you will gain special mental and physical stamina. Then, it will make you ready to go ahead.

In case you are vegetarian, then make soup of mungbean cooking in steam adding some salt and take the soup. You can add some spices too according to your taste. It will also help relieve your weakness, frustrations and depressions. Then you take two cups of the green tea. As the result, it will make you ready to go ahead.

Thank you very much for the visit at the page of the prevent common cold or prevention of common cold or get rid of common cold or alleviate bronchitis infection or Prevent asthma attack. 

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Ground apple in Nepal

You are welcome on the page of the ground apple in Nepal.

Cultivation of the ground apple is still underground in Nepal. People are not aware of the ground apple cultivation and medicinal and nutritional value of the intake of the ground apple in Nepal . If farmers or enthusiastic farmers are interested in growing the ground apple in Nepal , they need planting materials. For it, they can contact to Mr. Rajkumar Sapkota in Kushadevi village in Kavre (in the district of Kavrepalanchok). His mobile is 9841 13 48 84. It is located near Panouti.

Ground apple is called yakon in English vernacular name. It is also called as Peruvian ground apple. Edible part  that develops underground is in the form of vegetable fruit. The plant looks like the plant of sunflower and its flowers look like flowers of the plant species of the sunflower. The plant species is also in the plant family of sunflower. The plant forms rhizome underground and attached with edible ground apple of round to cylindrical shape. Its outside skin must be peeled before consumption.

The ground apple can be planted in May-June and harvested in January in Nepal. Cultivation of the ground apple in Nepal is possible up to the altitude of 3000 meter (about 9000 feet) above the sea level. Crop plant produces flowers also if it is cultivated in southern plain belt of Nepal, but in mild temperate to temperate region the crop produces few flowers or not. The crop duration is about eight months.

The ground apple fruit is climacteric like apple. The fruit of the ground apple at maturity must be harvested and kept for few days for ripening. Delaying harvesting deteriorates the quality of the ground apple. In the extreme of the winter cold, the fruit must be harvested. The storage period varies in the store room temperature. Higher temperature fastens ripening of the fruit of the ground apple; but low temperature delays the fruit ripening. The ground apple fruit (vegetable fruit) can only become ready for consumption few days after its harvest. The fruit of ground apple is eaten in raw state (without cooking or boiling) as we take apples.

Intake of the fruit of the ground apple enhances activity of colon fauna and improves the colon health. Diabetic people should not be afraid of the taking the ground apple since its sweet does not raise the blood sugar level at all. It is safe to diabetic. We can say the fruits of the ground apple sweeter than any underground fruits or vegetables in the world.

From the perspective of cultivation of the ground apple in Nepal, it can be grown in the farmland or neglected marginal land if the field is upland and soils does not stay in waterlogged state in rainy season. Growers and consumers are welcome to cultivate and consume the vegetable fruit of the ground apple in Nepal.

Thanks for the visit on the page of the 'ground apple in Nepal. 

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Study in Japan: Higher Education in Japan: I want to study in Japan

You are welcome on the page of "study in Japan: Higher Education in Japan: I want to study in Japan". Nowadays students want to go abroad for higher studies. Japan is one of the best options for it. I am writing the page for higher education / graduate studies / research studies. Mostly; all the classes, orientation in the university education in Japan takes place in Japanese language. But students can write research thesis in English also if the candidate does not want to write in Japanese. But the skill of Japanese language makes the students comfortable life in Japan.

There are more than 500 universities in the country of Japan. There is highest possibility to get admission and scholarship to study in science and technology than any other subjects. There are two ways to go to Japan for higher studies. Through the formalities of Japanese Embassy in your country is one way. Next option is corresponding to the dean of the faculties of different universities stating your own interest. If you have studied Japanese language, there is higher possibility to get admission and scholarship for higher education in Japan. I sincerely advice you to have patience while corresponding.

I am explaining here the second option:

Step 1: Japanese language skill development is the first step.

Step 2: Writing research proposal to conduct experiment is second step for higher education in Japan.

Step 3: 
Collection of the name of the universities and email addresses of the dean the faculties that is relevant to you is the third most important step.

Step 4: Communicating to them through email or airmail expressing the interest of higher studies in your field and waiting some positive response.

Step 5: Going ahead what the positive signaler asks you to do. Generally dean passes the letter to relevant professor and the professor writes to you. Generally Japanese professor do not take initiative to take foreign students. It is because scholarship competition is high, they too don't want to waste time if possibility of scholarship is not high. But some professors tries for it. Failure of getting scholarship is also meant failure of attempt of the related professor to make the application of the related candidate successful.  So very few professors writes email / letters to you. Any way just go on trying it. But remember, the field of interest of yours is in the field of science and technology; then, there is higher chance of getting scholarship.

I will add some more information into it step by step.

Thank for the visit to the page of "study in Japan: Higher Education in Japan: I want to study in Japan." 

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Get rid of the teeth pain: Get rid of the tooth pain

This is the page of the “Get rid of the teeth pain: Get rid of the tooth pain: Get rid of the pain in the teeth: Get rid of the pain from the tooth: Get rid of the toothache.” You are welcome at the page of the “Get rid of the teeth pain." 

You arrived at the correct page. Don't worry about the pain of the teeth. I am here to solve your problem of the tooth pain. Just start practicing the effective but practical tips what I mentioned here. 

Have you recently started feeling pain in the teeth of yours? If you have been feeling pain in the teeth of yours, I advice or suggest you three to four advices. I think those advices will certainly help relieve the pain from the teeth or help get rid of the tooth pain.

Message your teeth and gum with the paste of edible plant oil and fine common salt powder if you are tensed from the tooth pain. The edible plant oil I suggest can be any one of the mustard seed oil and rapeseed oil. If you do get the oils what I mentioned, you will certainly get olive oil. You can try with the mixture of common salt and olive oil too. Use your fore finger and thumb alternatively to message your upper and lower gums and tooth. Message two to three times daily for a week, then once in one or two days with the paste of the plant oil and fine common salt powder. Do message one time immediately after you get up, then after lunch, then again after dinner. If the message after lunch is not possible, you can do message two times, early in the morning and then after dinner. It will get rid of the toothache.

If it is winter season, you better use tepid water to rinse the teeth and mouth after message and brushing with a suitable tooth paste. Do cleaning your tooth with very soft tooth brush and small size tooth brush. Don’t make haste while doing brush to the tooth. It will help get rid of the toothache.

Make a habit of taking two cups of green tea drink each day. Keep terminal two to three sips of the green tea drink  in your mouth or the region where you have pain for about 30 seconds. It will help get rid of the toothache.

Don’t eat sour foods. Avoid eating very sweet food items. After you take any food, please rinse your mouth very well. Immediately rinse your mouth if you have eaten very sweet food dish. It will help get rid of the toothache.

Avoid taking cold water immediately after you take hot meal. Let the mouth temperature come to the body temperature. Then, do messaging with the paste or brushing the teeth with the suitable tooth paste or rinsing the mouth. Don’t use cold water and hot water to rinse the mouth. Use tepid water in cold season and ordinary temperature water if it is warm or hot season. It will help get rid of the toothache.

Some hypertensive patients are also advised to adopt the practice I have written here. If within a week, you do not feel relieve from the tooth pain, you better contact your dentist.

Always brush your teeth after each dinner. If possible message the teeth and gum with the mixture of the edible oil and common salt with your thumb and fore finger. It is better not use index finger to message the teeth and the gum.

Thanks for visiting the page of “Get rid of the teeth pain: Get rid of the tooth pain: Get rid of the pain in the teeth: Get rid of the pain in the tooth: Get rid of the toothache: Get rid of the toothache.”

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get rid of tiredness

It is the page of the get rid of tiredness. You are welcome in the page of the get rid of tiredness.

Who will not be tired? Everybody gets tired. Some ones who feel tiredness prefer to take rest. They want to sleep if it is possible. But some careful people do not want to sleep. They want to do something to get rid of tiredness. Some people are exploring to find the effective ways to get rid of tiredness. If it is so, then you have arrived at the correct page: the page of get rid of tiredness.
Please see some of the effective ways to get rid of tiredness.

To stay fresh or prevent tiredness.

a) Go to the bed early and get up early.

b) Brush your teeth with the most appropriate tooth paste. Rinse the mouth with clean water.

c) Take a bath with some cool water.

d) Do some aerobic exercise if it is possible. If it is not possible, you better do Yoga and some breathing exercise.

breathing exercise.

Quick way to get rid of tiredness. 

e) Take a breakfast including some brain foods too. Roasted peanut, walnut are also excellent brain foods. Include fish in your each breakfast if it is possible. Oven cooked marine fish or freshwater fish is one of the best ways of taking the fish. At least, one true or false cereal based food items are necessary if you are taking peanut, or walnut or such omega rich food items (peanut, walnut, pecanut, cashew and other which is rich in plant oil). 

f) Take two cups of the green tea drink immediately after the breakfast or after meal or lunch. If it is summer and hot days, better you take green tea. If it is winter and chilling or cold, you better take strong coffee (after boiling 1-2 grams in pure drinking water.). Prefer not to add sugar into the coffee. If you are of low blood pressure, you can add sugar plus some salt into the coffee. If you have strong gastritis, you better take green tea without sugar. Prefer to take green tea after some meal or snack. Never take green tea in empty stomach. Excessive coffee drinking is not so good to the people who have hypertension (chronic blood pressure pattern). By the way, make five hours interval  after taking each two cups of the green tea drink.

h) If you are at home or traveling by bus or train; but, you are feeling tiredness. Then you can do breathing exercise such as Anulom Vilom for at least fifteen minutes. You can exceed it up to one hour too. If it is winter and snowing, you better not exceed the duration of the breathing exercise of 15 minutes outside. Avoid doing the Anulom Vilom if you don't feel the surrounding has fresh air flow.

Teaching: College teachers: University professors

This is the page for Teaching: College teachers: University professors. You are welcome at the page of the Teaching: College teachers: University professors. The page of the "Teaching: College teachers: University professors" is made strictly to give guidelines to the college teachers and university professors for teaching their students in classrooms.

Some college teachers and some university professors are very busy in their academic researches. Some of the college teachers and some of the university professors have not enough time to prepare class lectures since they have to work in serious research experiments, extract their valuable data from the experiment. The college teachers and the university professors have to do entry of the data, process the data using a suitable statistical software. Then again the college teachers and university professors have to tabulate data for presentation in the research paper. Again they have to write papers with introduction, abstract and discussion in addition to the results.

The research works take  most of their time. So the college teachers and university professors cannot give enough time to prepare class lectures. This way their teaching will go far below the standard. It means the college teachers and university professors cannot make the teaching chapter their student understandable. As the result, students understand the chapter poorly. Understanding chapters poorly means the students immediately forget what they learn by themselves. The students don't think many chapters very valuable.  This way, the college teachers and the university professors will make bottomless pit for them as well as for their student. So please don't dig the bottomless pit for your sake as well as for your student.

Don't neglect teaching. Make your teaching qualifying. Make your teaching more than qualifying. Make your teaching interest generating. Make your teaching very understandable. Make your teaching rewarding. Rewarding is to you and to your students. Rewarding is to your country. Make your teaching very valuable. Your hard work never goes in vain. How to make the teaching very effective, very rewarding, very motivating, full spirit generating, mettle engendering, et cetera et cetera.? The following are some of tips of teaching for the college teachers and university professors:

a) Take balanced diet in your breakfast, lunch and dinner with brain foods.

b) Take two cups of green tea drink every six hours interval. In other words, take the green tea of two cups after every breakfast, every lunch.

c) Prepare the teaching material vigorously. Make clear of every terms of the chapter what you are going to deliver the lectures.  We can make notes too. If you know all the things very well does not mean you can explain your students very well. So, we have  to prepare the chapter to make the students very understanding and very motivating to learn.  You must be expert theoretically on each subtopics of the chapter.

d) Before you go to the class for teaching, you must take meal with some brain foods. For example:  peanuts, walnuts, fish, green tea.

e) When you start your lecture in class, give explanation to each sub small topic one by one. Until you clearly explain one topic, you cannot go to the next topic. You must take duty to explain the each sub topic very interestingly. Once you think your student understand the topic; then only, you can go to the next topic. Every topic has some mini topics. Once they understand  all the mini topics or all the background topics or all the prerequisite sub topics; then only, you can go to the main contents of the chapter.

Let me explain by another way. I am little bit deviated from the highway to illustrate the matter clearly.
Suppose you are going to teach your student about "Optical isomerism" in organic chemistry. The chapter may not be relevant to all the visitors of the page. To teach the "Optical isomerism" you must explain all the terminology of the Optical Isomerism one by one. They are, for example, polarization of  light, ordinary light, plane polarized light, how the Nicol prism works, bending of plane polarized light,  tetrahedral angle of carbon atom of the hexose glucose, phenomenon of dextro rotatory, leavo rotatory. You have to explain each terminology one by one, You cannot leave any terminology. Then only, you can reach the final topic to explain the optical isomerism. In it you will also explain of the behavior of the plane polarized light in response to the solution of dextrose and leavose, metabolism of the hexose isomers in the human body.

For a variety of fields, the single page cannot cover all the fields. Okay, you are used to explaining in the same way what I mentioned here. Then why to read the page of Teaching:  College teachers: University professors of the website. I wrote something in the page so that you will give special emphasis to explain the each small sub topics of the of the main chapter as the main chapter of optical isomerism what I am going to mention here. Please don't think it is the duty of the student to understand the matters through the text books. If it is so, what is the use of the teacher? The college teachers  and university professors must explain very well.

Let us come to the highway.
f) If there are many sections in the same level. And you have to deliver lecture to three sections without any interval. After one hour of effective teaching, you will be tired. It also depends on the climate. So, you must take enough food with brain foods. You must take two cups of the green tea before you go to the class for teaching. Then, you can continuously teach to three sections of the same level without any significant interval.

Thanks for visiting the page.