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Teaching: College teachers: University professors

This is the page for Teaching: College teachers: University professors. You are welcome at the page of the Teaching: College teachers: University professors. The page of the "Teaching: College teachers: University professors" is made strictly to give guidelines to the college teachers and university professors for teaching their students in classrooms.

Some college teachers and some university professors are very busy in their academic researches. Some of the college teachers and some of the university professors have not enough time to prepare class lectures since they have to work in serious research experiments, extract their valuable data from the experiment. The college teachers and the university professors have to do entry of the data, process the data using a suitable statistical software. Then again the college teachers and university professors have to tabulate data for presentation in the research paper. Again they have to write papers with introduction, abstract and discussion in addition to the results.

The research works take  most of their time. So the college teachers and university professors cannot give enough time to prepare class lectures. This way their teaching will go far below the standard. It means the college teachers and university professors cannot make the teaching chapter their student understandable. As the result, students understand the chapter poorly. Understanding chapters poorly means the students immediately forget what they learn by themselves. The students don't think many chapters very valuable.  This way, the college teachers and the university professors will make bottomless pit for them as well as for their student. So please don't dig the bottomless pit for your sake as well as for your student.

Don't neglect teaching. Make your teaching qualifying. Make your teaching more than qualifying. Make your teaching interest generating. Make your teaching very understandable. Make your teaching rewarding. Rewarding is to you and to your students. Rewarding is to your country. Make your teaching very valuable. Your hard work never goes in vain. How to make the teaching very effective, very rewarding, very motivating, full spirit generating, mettle engendering, et cetera et cetera.? The following are some of tips of teaching for the college teachers and university professors:

a) Take balanced diet in your breakfast, lunch and dinner with brain foods.

b) Take two cups of green tea drink every six hours interval. In other words, take the green tea of two cups after every breakfast, every lunch.

c) Prepare the teaching material vigorously. Make clear of every terms of the chapter what you are going to deliver the lectures.  We can make notes too. If you know all the things very well does not mean you can explain your students very well. So, we have  to prepare the chapter to make the students very understanding and very motivating to learn.  You must be expert theoretically on each subtopics of the chapter.

d) Before you go to the class for teaching, you must take meal with some brain foods. For example:  peanuts, walnuts, fish, green tea.

e) When you start your lecture in class, give explanation to each sub small topic one by one. Until you clearly explain one topic, you cannot go to the next topic. You must take duty to explain the each sub topic very interestingly. Once you think your student understand the topic; then only, you can go to the next topic. Every topic has some mini topics. Once they understand  all the mini topics or all the background topics or all the prerequisite sub topics; then only, you can go to the main contents of the chapter.

Let me explain by another way. I am little bit deviated from the highway to illustrate the matter clearly.
Suppose you are going to teach your student about "Optical isomerism" in organic chemistry. The chapter may not be relevant to all the visitors of the page. To teach the "Optical isomerism" you must explain all the terminology of the Optical Isomerism one by one. They are, for example, polarization of  light, ordinary light, plane polarized light, how the Nicol prism works, bending of plane polarized light,  tetrahedral angle of carbon atom of the hexose glucose, phenomenon of dextro rotatory, leavo rotatory. You have to explain each terminology one by one, You cannot leave any terminology. Then only, you can reach the final topic to explain the optical isomerism. In it you will also explain of the behavior of the plane polarized light in response to the solution of dextrose and leavose, metabolism of the hexose isomers in the human body.

For a variety of fields, the single page cannot cover all the fields. Okay, you are used to explaining in the same way what I mentioned here. Then why to read the page of Teaching:  College teachers: University professors of the website. I wrote something in the page so that you will give special emphasis to explain the each small sub topics of the of the main chapter as the main chapter of optical isomerism what I am going to mention here. Please don't think it is the duty of the student to understand the matters through the text books. If it is so, what is the use of the teacher? The college teachers  and university professors must explain very well.

Let us come to the highway.
f) If there are many sections in the same level. And you have to deliver lecture to three sections without any interval. After one hour of effective teaching, you will be tired. It also depends on the climate. So, you must take enough food with brain foods. You must take two cups of the green tea before you go to the class for teaching. Then, you can continuously teach to three sections of the same level without any significant interval.

Thanks for visiting the page.

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