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Beautiful skin Forum: What to do for beautiful face skin

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Always wash your face with soap and water or face wash and clean water in every evening immediately after you come back home. If it is cold, better we use lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold. If it is hot season, we better take ordinary cold water to wash the face. Before we go to sleep, we better apply glycerin (glycerol or propane triol 1,2,3) onto the face. We can do some light message to while applying glycerine on the face.
Dry skin versus oily skin
There are two types of skin principally. One is spontaneous moisturizing and another is dry skin. The dry skin needs application of moisturizer. In winter cold, people do have dry skin who do not exercise to produce sweat. In such season and circumstance, we should apply moisturizer or lotion which make our skin moist and soft. It certainly works for beautiful face skin.

Taking enough fish and animal origin protein in meals certainly works for beautiful face skin.

Some countries have marine fish and some have fresh water fish. There is possibility of mercury, cadmium, and lead toxicity in the marine fish. Avoid taking large fish. Salmon and tuna fish are some of the best fish. But, take small size Tuna and Salmon since they contain no or minimum mercury, cadmium and lead toxicity. The fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Special omega 3 fatty acid known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is only present in the fish. The constituent is very beneficial for beautiful face skin, brain development, sharp intelligence and strong memory.

Fruits and Vegetables or Vitamins and mineral pills for beautiful skin?

Let us illustrate one thing: Red ripe tomato is popular for red coloring substance known as lycopene since the lycopene protects skin from light specially ultra violet rays. Is eating lycopene alone better or taking whole tomato fruits after cooking or processing is better? Similarly, Taking green vegetables and fresh fruits is better or taking multivitamins is better?
In my view, red ripe tomato fruit consumption after processing or cooking is better than taking lycopene alone. In the same way, taking fresh green vegetables and fruits is better than taking vitamin and mineral pills. It is because green vegetables and fruit do not only contain the known vitamins; but, they also contain many beneficial plant biochemicals which are not discovered yet.
So please give priority to taking a variety of vegetables and fruits instead of only a kind of fruit and a kind of vegetable. It is for our health, it is for our beauty, it is for our beautiful face and it is for our beautiful skin. Tomato fruits contain many known vitamins and many unknown vitamins. So whole tomato fruit consumption is better than taking its principal ingredient: lycopene alone.

Milk and Yoghurt for beautiful face skin:

Take yoghurt in every breakfast (about 200 to 300 grams or ml). But; don't take yoghurt when you have common cold or asthma or bronchitis or whooping cough, tonsilitis or bronchitis or similar health problems. Intake of yoghurt is useful for beautiful face skin. Or take cow's milk in every breakfast.
High milk yielding cow's milk have low fat content. So the milk is better than low milking cows. There is milk of cow and buffaloes generally available for us. Yoghurt made from high yielding cow's milk is better. Fresh yoghurt is better. Avoid taking old yoghurt.
For making fresh yoghurt, boil the cow's milk in the evening. Then put the boiled milk into a vessel. Cool the milk to make it lukewarm. Add yoghurt culture (starter). Keep the milk in warm condition (35 degree Celsius) overnight. Then, the yoghurt becomes ready after 8 to 10 hours. Thereafter, we can take / serve at breakfast. Yoghurt contain simpler biosubstances than milk.
For example the yoghurt contains lactic acid which is easily absorbed through the human intestine whereas the milk contain lactose which is complex to digest. Similarly proteins changes to amino acids and fats changes to glycerol and fatty acids during the yoghurt formation which are lighter to digestion to the human intestine. 
Go early to the bed and get up early in the morning. It certainly works for beautiful face skin.
Take green tea drink. It certainly works to make beautiful face skin. Drinking green tea delays development of wrinkles too. Mountain green tea is better than warm season green tea. Shade grown green tea is better than sun-grown green tea.

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