Sunday, November 3, 2013

Good Morning Canada

Good morning Canada! This is the page of Good Morning CANADA. It is greeting of the blog to all people in Canada. I welcome you at the page.
I wish every body in Canada well in every season.
Hi! My Friend, Good Morning. How are you?
Goodmorning, good morning! And You? I am also fine.
And, in the last week you were absent in the lab? What's the matter?
Oh! My Mom was sick.
Oh, so. Please take care of her. It's very cold. And what about your children and spouse.
Oh! They are fine.
Good. What's about your Dad?
Oh! He's fine.
Very good to listen the good.
Oh! No. It's okay. It's very cold. We should be careful about warming our room, the warming outfit, warming quilts, and the foods that warms us.
Thank you very much. Yes, you are right.
We should be very sincerely careful about our parents and all family members.
Yes, you're right. Bye!
Yes, bye.

The talk terminates here and new write up for good morning Canada starts from here.

By the way, I want to write here some more!
In most of the time, Canada is cold. In the winter of Canada, temperature becomes very low. People have to take care of health of theirs, their parents, grand parents and children. Foods that warms body should be consumed. People should avoid strong drinks in the Canada in the winter.

The page of the good morning Canada advices to take chicken dishes. Chicken as the warming food should be consumed in the winter of Canada. A variety of chicken food should be consumed.

The page of the good morning Canada advices to take honey, ginger and garlic. Honey is also one of the warming food substances. Yoghurt should be taken with ginger and honeybee in cold country like Canada. The page of the good morning Canada advices to avoid yoghurt after 10.00 AM.

Ginger is also body warming food substance. Excessive ginger intake can cause rectal breeding too. So, dose of the ginger should not be increased too much. Ginger should not be consumed alone. The page of the good morning Canada advices to take foods or meals with the ginger paste or ginger cut pieces.

The page of the good morning Canada advices to take garlic. Garlic is also body warming food substance. It can be consumed in a variety of way. Paste can be made from a finger of a garlic clove, then mixed with tepid drinking water. The drink made from water (200 to 300ml) mixing the garlic paste can be taken after meal or with meal or before going to the bed in the season of winter.

The page of the good morning Canada advices to wear enough warm cloths and keep the living and bed room warm . Keep the body always warm.

The page of the good morning Canada advices to take warming spices. Include warming spices into your meal. It is mainly carom seeds, or thymol seeds. Its botanical name is Trachyspermum ammi. Local vernacular name in India are Ajowan, Ajwain, Ajowan caraway.

The page of the good morning Canada advices to take soup. Make soup with warming spices and take the soup before you go to the bed. But, rinse your mouth with tepid water very well. Please add garlic, ginger, black pepper, carom seeds too. Please be careful to add garlic, ginger and black pepper. The amount of garlic, ginger and black pepper should be determined by hit and trial method. The amount varies from continent to continent, country to country and person to person. Please don't add them excessively. Keep the packets or bottles of the spices out of reach of the children. The spices should be carefully handled.

Always brush your teeth after each dinner.
The page of the Good morning Canada advices to take green tea drink. Take green tea drink (not more than a cup) before going to the bed. Keep terminal two sips of the green tea drink in your mouth for about 30 seconds.

There can be some accidents in extreme cold season in temperate countries like Canada. They are paralysis, extreme pain in the top back region (shoulder and its neighouring region), extreme pain in the lower central back region. In such condition, patients should contact immediately to a good physician, physiotherapist, orthopedic surgeon. Some time and some body may suffer accidental facial paralysis too. In such case patients or patients guardians should immediately contact doctors. The page of the good morning Canada advices to go immediately to the emergency section of the reputed hospital in the city or near the city.

Thanks for the visit to the page of the "Good Morning Canada".

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