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This is the page of "My Mind: My Mind Forum: My Mind Group: Our mind." You are welcome at the page of the "My Mind: Our mind." Some say "My Mind is wonderful". Some say, "My Mind has got very high intelligence". Some say "My Mind is made up."

Some say: "My Mind has many books." Some say, "My Mind has universe." Some say, "I must study my Mind. According to Swami Vivekananda, we have to understand the fact that human mind is universe. He conveys the statement to the world that the Human Mind is wonderful object which we must study." He said to us that we must study our mind. He advised us to say some similar statements such as "My Mind has many things what the universe has, My mind is universe." He exemplified that studying ours own mind is several times better than putting information of all the books of a huge library into our mind."
Issac Newton gave the world, the law of gravitation. The law was neither in the apple nor in any thing else at the center of the earth. It was in the universe of the mind of Newton.  Issace Newton observed the falling apple. Issac Newton was asked in the classroom in Cambridge College, why bodies fall downwards." This question in the classroom remain unanswered. But, the event of the falling apple and the question of falling bodies downwards forced, motivated, created wonderful curiosities on his mind. He had many links already in his mind. He logically arranged the previous links with the falling apple and created or discovered a new link which we call "the law of gravitation." So we can say the human mind is universe.
Albert Einstein observed an event, then he studied his mind, he arranged previous links what were in his mind and discovered a new link called "the equation of mass and energy relationship ( E = mc2). He did not do any experiment in any laboratory for it. In the similar way; Albert Einstein observed just one event while walking, and studied his mind, he arranged his previous links and gave a new link which we call today Theory of Relativity. Similarly he observed another, he studied his mind, he arranged previous links and gave a new link, which we call now Photoelectric equation. To give the equation or the new link, he did not do any experiment. He just studied his mind with just an event.
Leonardo da Vinci similarly had instinct to observe any event so eagerly, he had instinct to go into imagination to study his mind for any event or natural ongoing phenomena. and converted his imagination in the forms of photographs which we can say inventions and inventions of possibilities. For most of the events he used to study his mind of universe, he then serially one after another created, discovered and invented many things in the form of photographs. It was the matters of about 500 years ago when there was no any scientific discoveries, no any invention and no any present day modern devices. All the discoveries, inventions of the Leonardo da Vinci came from his own mind, they were real, they are real, they will be real.
All the knowledge we are getting today came through the human mind. Nature has a variety of phenomena which human mind traps events and happenings. Then they study their own mind to analyze the event or happening. The event ignites our mind. Then human starts analyzing their own mind for the happened event / ignition. He had foundation in his mind of previous links. Then he make a new link which we call discovery or invention or findings or interpretations.
Human mind is universe. We should concentrate on the event or happenings. How we know we are concentrating through our mind can be known. When we start thinking on any matter, we do not feel that time is passing. It means we were concentrated in that time.
So, we can say human mind is the universe. We can say human mind has infinite knowledge which we find through proper concentration and study of our own mind. According to Swami Vivekananda; we should never say, "My mind is weak, My mind cannot do." Instead of it, we always feel, "My mind has many books as a very big library in the world does have and my mind has those books which the library does not have. "
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